Introduction: Record Puzzle

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 Hey have you ever wanted to give a person an intersting gift? This instuctable will show all the five easy steps to make a record puzzle!! Ready to get started?

Step 1: Materials

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Things you will need:
 Scrached recored (see step 2)
 Band saw
 Duct tape
 Good sharpie
 Box (optional)
 Paint stick (can be found at most craft stores)

Step 2: Finding a Good Record

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     Now there are many records out there.I would not use a colored record they are the most commonly destroyed records that are worth money.So what record 45s,33s or 78s I recomend 78s they are hard and easy to make into puzzles (33s will work).Make sure your records are scrached so you don't destroy a good record!

Step 3: Prepairing Your Record

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 Now to get your record ready, you will tape both sides of the record that way you won't chip your record while cutting.Now its time to draw the lines on the puzzle with a your record is ready!!!!

Step 4: Cutting

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 Now i am not responsable for any injeries after cutting from unsafe cutting.Now get your band saw turning and cut on your lines.and take your time it turns out really good.Put the pieces together as you cut them off it is very helpful later.

Step 5: Finishing

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 Now the last part is to make a template to do the put the puzzle together.Also trace the shapes and now get a paint stick and make a small dot on the back that way its not so confusing putting the puzzle together.Now you have made a record puzzle!!!


Dumchicken (author)2011-11-01

great now i can put the record i "droped" (threw at wall angrily)back together!

nickodemus (author)2010-03-12

Great idea! This would make some very nice wall-art too!


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