Everyone seems to use You Tube or a similar web site these days to watch funny
videos or even listen to your favourite artists latest release.
So here is the scenario, you find a song you like but it isn’t available in the shops
yet or the song is by another internet user and will probably never be released.

By setting your computer to record from its own sound card you can record what you
hear through your speaker without any fancy wiring and at no cost.

First lets set up the mixer which should already be part of your sound card,

To do this double click the speaker icon on your task bar to open the advanced
audio controls and then on the menu click options and go to properties.

A properties window should pop up so now you need to select recording and make
sure that stereo mix and mono mix are ticked, click ok and the display for the
control may change.

What you may see is that 'line in' will be ticked but you need to tick the 'stereo mix' box to finish the set up.

In the start menu click Run and type sndrec32 which should open the sound recorder,
You only get 60 seconds of recording time with this so if you have any other recording
software like Audacity then this would be better and would allow you to record something
longer with no time limit and edit any silence at the beginning and the end of the recording.

That’s it were ready.

To test that you’re set up properly do a quick test by playing a You Tube video or
similar and on the sound recorder click record for a few seconds, click stop and also
stop the video, click play on the sound recorder and if successful you should hear something.

* Important,  you should probably avoid recording any copyright  Music*

                                          *** Update for Windows 7 Users ***
It appears that Microsoft have removed the features described above in Windows 7 but they do let you download alternative drivers on their websites, please search through the microsoft drivers lists for one that applies to you.
Why they thought this would be a good idea is beyond me.

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<p>Mines a <em>windows 7</em> so i guess i don't have it...</p>
<p>me too now, they really cut alot of good stuff out from the new versions of windows, but if you have the firefox browser you can get some good add ons to save them as mp3 files or even video files</p>
windows 7? <br>theres no options tab, so how do i do this?
ive only ever had win98 and xp and both were the same looking audio app so i dont know, a friend of mine has win7 so ill have a look and get back to you on that one.
Point of information - unless there is a clear notice that you are granted license (such as Creative Commons) to record that music, you are *automatically* breaking copyright by recording it.<br><br>
Yes you should definitely check first and definitely Dont sell the tracks after, Personal use only folks.

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