Introduction: Recording Your Screen on a Mac or Windows

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Hey Guys, TechHead Tutorials here: Today I will show you how to record your screen (for youtube videos). This is a free, quick and easy way of recording your screen, no more logos, no more restrictions!

You can either watch the video below or read the instructions:

Step 1: Video

If the video is not working use this link:

Step 2: Download... or Not:

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So, first of all, if you are using a windows, download 'Quicktime Player'. A mac is already prepared with Quicktime Player.

If you needed to download the software, follow the install wizard (this will take about 15 mins).

Step 3: Screen Recording

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To record your screen, run the program and (on windows) right click the running icon and select record screen. You can customise the settings and quality.

On a mac, you can run the program, and then select 'file' and then record screen.

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