Dont you hate when you have to reformat your hard drive or when it breaks? Well you probably think to yourself "I'll just reinstall" and realize !@#$ i lost the sticker with my cd key, or the kids tore it off, or the sticker on the top of your desktop rubbed off from over use and overflow of cds. fear not I HAVE YOUR SOLUTION.

Step 1: Tools

You will need your Windows XP CD, your computer (now if you are thinking, my computer wont work without finding out the cd key, your wrong you can install the 30 day trial) and to calm down lol.
<p>It's nice that you don't care. That's really sweet.</p>
<p>&quot;LOL&quot; hahahahaha (how do you type with sarcasm and imitate a snobby tone and attitude?) --- what's funny about that? Go on and laugh. Especially for those who have already done this. </p>
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