I finally bought a new bike and faced the stand problem.

I searched on the market for a minimal and simple stand but could not found an affordable one. And I made mine, that takes almost 2 mins to construct.

Step 1: I Found a Plate Which Was a Trash From My Old PC Tower.

Step 2: I Curved With a Pliers According to My Bike's Tyre

Step 3: And Screwed Into Any Place That I'd Like My Bike to Stand.

Step 4: And Drive Your Bike In!

Here it stands. Almost for free and in 2 mins!

Hope it helps.

I am looking forward your thoughts.



<p>oyumu ekledim :)</p>
<p>g&uuml;zel fikir :)</p>
<p>Teşekk&uuml;rler. &quot;Bike Contest&quot;de de beklerim :)</p>
<p>Nice, very cool thing to stand your bike.</p>
<p>Thank you@pcorbett Your projects are inpiring me! :) </p>
<p>Excellent first instructable! I love the minimalist approach you took and it looks great! </p>
<p>Thank you @tomatoskins :) </p>

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