Is your saddle falling apart? Or maybe just needs a new look?  Recovering a saddle is actually a pretty easy process,  not to mention very cheap.

Step 1: Gather Materials

Your gonna need a few things to get started

- Leather for covering your seat
- Hobbyist contact cement
- Scissors for cutting leather
- Marker or Pen
- Bicycle saddle
-Techshop ( optional, but nice to have a place to layout your project)
I noticed that most saddle covers are stapled on as well. Has the contact cement been enough to secure it?
I have had it all together for a couple weeks, riding it every day. Its held together fine so far, but I'll keep you updated on long term. I didn't happen to have staples available the day I was doing this, but if it does start falling apart, it should not be hard to add them in later.
Yes, I noticed that on the leather knife sheaths I make, contact cement only holds together for a while.

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