Whether you liked it or not TRON: Legacy had some amazing special effects, but for me it was the light emitting designs that blew me away.  With a bit more time on my hands I would love to make a Tron lightsuit (or the snowboarding LED one), but for now I've gone for the light ribbons created by the motorbikes.

My old day job used to involve cycling in Cambridge and I would cycle everywhere, when it got dark my bike would light up too, but since watching TRON: Legacy I wanted to recreate the light ribbons effect.  Apart from cycling incrediby fast I'm not going to be able to generate those beams, but with a suitable light and good photographer I've managed to recreate them :-)

The video is HD quality and worth watching with some decent volume or a set of earphones if you're at work!

Thanks go to Laura Aldred for the photography.

Step 1: The BUILD:

This build is for v2 as my first attempt wasn't bright enough - it used EL wire.  LEDs would have been good, but although they are bright they tend to be very directional and the light needed to be viewable from various different angles.  Good old fashioned bulbs were required, but they are much harder to come by these days and they also eat batteries!

I managed to find some 6v 6watt bicycle dynamo MES bulbs on eBay and I already owned a suitable battery/charger setup, the fun part was making the housing for the 8 bulbs.  It had to be sturdy and allow the colour to be changed easily.  Luckily, I had some old plastic trunking from my days as an electrician and it had a ridge along its length.  This was where the trunking lid used to go and because it flexed inwards slightly would act as a good way of grasping the perspex cover - the colour acetate sheets could then be slid in easily.  An endplate was made slightly larger for the bottom to stop everything sliding out (and to catch any parts that might work loose during use) and some reflective tape placed inside to increase the reflectivity.

- Drill
- Screwdriver
- Pliers
- Wire strippers
- Scissors or Scalpel
- Jigsaw

- Electrical trunking (50mm)
- Clear perspex
- Acetate sheet in various colours
- Bright light bulbs (and holders)
- Wire
- Heavy duty battery
- Switch
- Reflective aluminium tape
- Tape or glue
- Zip ties
- and a bike to mount it on!
very nice <br>the eye ot the photographer adds a lot to the original idea
Also, the video says it cannot be viewed because it has been &quot;blocked by UMG in your country on copyright grounds.&quot;
Which country are you viewing the video in? If Youtube is blocking it I may redo video without sound (even though the soundtrack is a key part of it!)
California, USA.
That's a real shame ,but here's the link to the video without sound,&nbsp;and I strongly recommend you play Daft Punk's End of Line (Remixed by Photek) at the same time.<br> <br> <a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a1yP9IHNohI&feature=youtu.be" rel="nofollow">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a1yP9IHNohI&amp;feature=youtu.be</a>
Or Derezzed. I was thinking Daft Punk when I saw this.
India too
its blocked in NZ aswell
Canada too, which is a drag since your photos look amazing!
It would be cool if you could get it to fade out. Maybe try using a dimmer and turn the light up as you go along. Great Idea<br>
create a strip diffuser to make all the lines blend together and add a fade out switch or dimmer switch to make it all smooth :) <br>
*jaw on floor*<br><br>Wow. I need to do that.

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