Step 5:

Repeat all the stuff from Step 4 on the other end. 

Open it up by pushing the colored part. 

Crease the corners to make it beautiful. 

Fill with your junk and enjoy. 
<p>I needed a box to put a pair of earrings in, but I didn't want to buy one. This was a great find! I made two!</p>
<p>I got it to work, but I think that next time I will use thinner paper, as the end folds were pretty bulky when using scrapbooking paper. Still much fun to make. :-)</p>
I wanted it to be white, lol but hey, this is still pretty cool!
<p>I made it from A4 without cutting, so it's not from typical square origami page, but final effect is less rectangular, more square and very nice !</p>
<p>This was great! I needed to make this box with construction paper, because I'm planning to use it in a science project. It was easy, and I think the 2nd graders will be able to make it. Thanks, again.</p>
<p>I only knew how to make a square box, and now, I know how to make a rectangular one. Thanks! </p>

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