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Introduction: Recumbent Bicycle From Garage Refuse

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Combine an old BMX bicycle, wood, EMT conduit, and boat seat, to bicycle in laid-back comfort. Save $100's off the cost of a new recumbent bike.

Step 1: Use Wood for a Main Beam Across the Top of the BMX Bike Frame. Wood Is Easy to Work With, But Does Flex a Little When You Peddle.

Step 2: Attach Boat Seat, Bottom Bracket With Peddles and Chain Guide-wheels (2) to the Main Beam.

Step 3: Note Front Wheel Drive. Use a Rear Wheel in the Front and a Derailer to Keep the Chain Tensioned. Chain Will Flex Enough to Allow Normal Steering.

Step 4: Use EMT Conduit to Raise the Handle Bars Enough to Avoid Contact With Your Knees When You Peddle. Handle Bars Must Be Very Rigidly Attached to the Front Wheel. Any Looseness Will Make Steering Difficult.



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    (|O|}) BURGER

    is the middle of the boat seat where the seatpost used to be?

    This is the funniest bie I ever seen!!!LOL!!! 5 Stars!!!

    Great idea. One very minor suggestion: Shouldn't the tense side of the chain have the bigger guide wheel?

    I like your design. Quick and simple. Check out Recumbent Cyclist news for other ideas. Look for their home built issue that was available on line (don't know if it still is). I built a similar project BUT used various parts from junk bikes to make it rear wheel drive. Where the BMX crank was, I used a chain ring with three sprockets and removed the crank arms. I used various bike tubing to create a boom out front reinforced with angle iron from an old bed frame and muffler clamps. The main crank assembly was up front and after some trials I got the length and angle of the boom just right for me. I routed the chain through 1/2 inch drip irrigation tube to the BMX crank then back to the rear wheel whic was replaced with a 20" 7 speed wheel. I used lots of muffler clamps, J.B. weld and NO WELDING! I would post it on instructables but this was several years ago and it has become parts for other projects.

    Very nice - how do you like the FWD? I'm a fan of 'bents :P And considering they are quite expensive new... homebuilts are always a treat... expect a 95% wooden 'bent prototype from me soon :D

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    FWD kept the chain shorter and clean up the design. I don't think it made any difference in the way it rides. I originally was trying for rear wheel steering also, but never got that to work. Rear steering would allow the rider to sit very close to the ground and straddle the front wheel. Good luck with your prototype.

    Cool Bent! I built an experimental scooter with front and rear steering but it spins out and dumps me. I don't recommend rear steering as it leads to positive feedback once the turn starts. The centrifical force of the turn throws the back end out and the turn spirals in sharper. You may get a kick out of my home-builts at

    give yourself no more than 5 degrees of steer and that way you can drive the wheel easily and it gives some serious tricks and a$$ savers as options, you hit a curb (the ramp ones) at high speed firing the front wheel up and there's people up ahead, you turn the front wheel before it hits the ground and you're a$$ over tin cup but a quick shift of the hips will move you sideway in a really odd way (diagonally kinda) and in mormal cornering it makes it easy to swing round and ride in a slight diagonal. when you sit normally you get no odd effects

    how do you turn the front wheel without poping the chain of the derailleur? very cool project, seat looks comfy

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