This is not a typical instructable that has a list of parts, dimensions and build instructions. It’s more of an Inspire-able.

I had a long conversation with the builder of a recumbent bike.He’s passionate about biking and recumbents. He built his bike using only basic hand tools:some wrenches, a hack-saw and a propane torch.

Almost all the parts were salvaged and cost him nothing.Just a couple of bike frames, bike hardware and rails from a bed frame.For the seat he used an inner tube, two bike handles, and some rad hose, covered with a piece of tarp.

Building a recumbent bicycle from salvaged bike parts involves using what you can find, and building it to fit YOUR body.Therefore each bike is a unique, one-of-a-kind creation:a mobile sculpture that surprises the eye and awakens the child in all of us.

At the end of our conversation he asked me one question:When was I going to build one?
Later, I thought to myself: why build just one?Why not pass along some of his ideas and maybe inspire a whole bunch of folks to build them?

If you decide to build one, please come back to this instrucable and share your experiences and post photos of your build.

<p>Here in Thailand. This is my 5th debugging on FWD MBB recumbent bike. Still have some bugs to deal with but I can keep my goal to build &quot;No-Weld&quot; 'bent bike that use only what left around my house.</p><p>This bike made from my old 10spd roadbike donor with mixte frame&amp;fork with some bolts-on brackets and some hose-clamps. The seat is PVC board covered with some rags for cushion.</p><p>Still in progress but has more than 100 KM of test ride under its seat @^_^@</p>
i need to build one, but around my house i would need some shock absorbers, dirt roads.
<p>I was going to say &quot;F that I ride my beach cruiser down dirt roads&quot;, then I realized this was me three years ago. </p>
Awesome what an inspiration Im going to build one to and will post it when done.
Lets Go Jodie ... GO... <br>The road is calling you / us. <br>Good luck and God bless you and your work <br>Greetings in the moment from Hong Kong <br>Harry
You GO Jodie123!!!
How did he manage to weld/braze strong enough bonds between his various bottom brackets and his various frames, with only &quot;some wrenches, a hacksaw and a propane torch&quot;? Can one braze strong enough joints with a propane torch? My mental holdup in building my own has been just that--I don't have a welder, don't have good friends with one, and don't have a prayer of buying one any time soon. If I could do this with just a propane torch... WHOO HOO!
Most bike frames are silver soldered or brazed, propane is just the job.
Check this out. It worked for me. www.instructables.com/id/Golfcart--Welder/
It was U-bolted and clamped together. Not the sturdiest nor lightest of builds...
also gotta say--the remote steering using sprockets and chain was a huge lightbulb for me... awesome!
www.bikeforums.com had some interesting discussions on the topic of brazing with (it turns out) MAPP gas-fuel hardware-store hand torches. The conclusion of both the hobbyist and the more dedicated framebuilder in the thread was that MAPP gas+handheld was adequate for brazing on little things like bosses for a drink cage, but impractical for things like brazing BB to seat tube, etc. I do take inspiration from your dude, definitely... he just made it happen, rather than being stumped by a lack of this or that. I've just skipped away from a garage sale with a bunch more super cheap chunks for my bike... it's happening! Also, check out www.ihpva.org for all kind o' stuff on folks' recumbents. TY for responding!
Brilliant - when I get some time......
that's awesome. I think it's very asthetic. i want one :)
that is... really awesome. <br> <br>im taking a welding class at my school next year, and of course, after school is over theres a whole summer...
Blowing my own trumpet but it seems a little overdone.<br /> <br /> With exactly the same parts you can do something more aesthetic; see my previous instructable for comparison (<a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Rec-liner-long-wheel-base-recumbent/" rel="nofollow">www.instructables.com/id/Rec-liner-long-wheel-base-recumbent/</a>)<br />
That's a great bike and 'ible!&nbsp;&nbsp; Very Cool!<br /> <br /> Feel free to add more construction links, People!<br /> <br /> Not overdone, just done differently, Layout.&nbsp; <br /> <br /> Fewer tools than you, including the internet...Aesthetics where the last of the builder's concerns.<br /> <br /> Mind you, he did add a welding helmet to the front of the bike.<br />
I love bikes like that.<br />
That was really cool.&nbsp; I've seen those type of bikes around and have always wanted to try one out.&nbsp; I think I would crash into everything though!
He said that the turning radius wasn't as good as regular bikes, and that you quickly got into the habit of driving defensively.<br />
Very Cool ;-)<br />
Thanx!<br />
Looks like fun!!!&nbsp;I'd like to try that!<br />
Just keep your eyes peeled for scrap bike frames!<br />
&nbsp;That is awesome! Bike modding at it's best. :D
:-)<br />
&nbsp;That is pretty awesome! &nbsp;Thanks for sharing.
You're welcome.<br />
That's nifty!
I thought so, too!<br />
Wow!&nbsp;That was really cool!<br />
recumbent bikes are neat, but this belongs in the forum.<br />

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