Front wheel drive, rear suspension lowracer...

Recumbents offer less drag, and the rider's position makes use of powerful leg and back muscles.

I chose the front wheel drive arrangement to minimise the chain length, and to see how it would work.

I had concerns that the bike would not steer, but there is plenty of flexibility in the chain, and at anything above a very low speed (where you usea large steering angle) there was no problem.

Step 1: Find an Old Bike, Get All the Useful Bits Off It.

All the parts other than the main frame (the silver bit) are taken from scrap bikes. I used a front fork and steering tube from a kid's bike (make sure the kid is not looking).

I cut the steering tube off the frame with an angle grinder, and cleaned it up so it was just a tube. This will be welded into the new frame.

The rear forks are from a Saracen AWOL. They have a little bit of suspension which is useful on a recumbent since you can't use your legs to absorb bumps like you do on an ordinary upright bike.

Again these were cut from the original frame with an angle grinder, ready to be welded into the new frame.

Brakes, derailleur, pedals etc were also scrounged. Bottom bracket was also cut from an old frame ready to weld to the new one.

A recumbent has one HUGE advantage, you can brace your back and push with ALL your effort. On a regular bike you just stand-up when you push hard and must rely on your weight for speed or power. This is why, when geared properly, a recumbent climbs hills better than a regular bike. Good informative Instructable, but not enough visual information, sorry for the slight negativity! I always try to be nice, I kinda know what I am taking about, my first Instructable......sucked!
Amazing instructable! Step 2 helped me especially alot. Thank you!
Step 4 is even better
i thought step 5 helped the most
step six was best by far lol
yah that one does help a lot ill agree with u that is the best one...lol
i got stuck on step 4 :(
I thought hard about step 4 ;-)
ummm not to be mean but this is a bad instructable...you need way more pics and some actual descriptions on how to build it instead of just saying heres a pic go and build it
Yes it is bad - sorry!<br /> <br /> I don't have the bike anymore so I can't finish the instructable, but will be happy to answer any questions and help anyone else build something similar.<br />
Nice! Mines not as pretty - <a rel="nofollow" href="http://bike-recumbent.com">http://bike-recumbent.com</a><br/><br/>Do you find you need a headrest? What are the loses like through the pulleys?<br/>
The pulleys caused no problems at all, and I never thought of using a headrest...<br />
Come on brother, make a decent instructable of it!!!
can some of us get more details. little more description. I have not mastered the jedi mind reading just yet
Inside baseball. Useless for us idjitiots.
It looks cool, but it lacks a whole lot of info.

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