Recumbent Trike





Introduction: Recumbent Trike

Home made recumbent trike - the project took quite some time to complete so there are no real pictures as things came together, but take a look - any questions feel free to drop me a line.

Step 1: All Comes Together

I love recumbents but they are soo bloomin expensive - build your own.

This one is based on a pedal shop mobility scooter - split the chassis and made it longer - lowered the seat - added lights front and back that are a lot better - put the gears in a convenient position- made a really big reflecty pole so dingbats don't squish me in their cars - - lots of little weldy, painty, fiddly jobs and we are out on the road.

picked this basic donor on Ebay for about £20 - now that's my kind of price for a recumbent trike - also a big bonus, the donor was a folding bike, wow who knew.

See ya.



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    Hi - me again - thought ya might find this fun but cool if it was covered - check out my recumbent bike - the saddle is made from a car inner tube, part filled and squished together to form a seat, it really is comfy and you can dial in the amount of comfort ya want - prefer a hard ride, put in more air - want a soft seat, weeell you get the idea.

    See ya.

    how did you make the rear end. Where did you get the seat. More pictures please.

    Hi - if you put mission bikes into Google and mooch around you'll find a very upright pedal shop mobility scooter type ride -- this was the donor bike, found on Ebay for about £20, took some searching - - if you hunt around on Ebay you will find after a short while there will appear trikes for disabled folks n the like and if they are no longer needed for one reason or another that they are for a very fair price as half the time they are taking up a lot of space.

    I cannot put more piks I'm afraid as the trike was sold about two months ago but a big thanks for the post and look in.

    If you get building please drop some piks on here and Atomic Zombie or even Facebook so we can see how your project looks.

    Good luck with the build.