Here's a great way to store crayons and recycle those great plastic, rectangular baby wipe dispensers at the same time. This is just another small way you can help save the environment.

This crayon box is extremely easy to make with items you may already have around the home. I've found that baby wipe containers make wonderful crayon boxes. They are fairly durable and I have also noticed that they significantly limit crayon messes, especially when you have a child who enjoys turning over the container and dumping them out!

Step 1: What You'll Need

Make sure you have the following items to begin this little project:

1. An empty, plastic baby wipes container with lid (hinged or removable)
2. A strong pair of kitchen scissors or sharp knife or razor blade
3. Strong scotch tape (clear packing tape lasts longest)

If your wipes container has name brand stickers on it, you might want to carefully remove them at this point. If they are not removable, you can always cover them with printed a label later.
I was thinking the same thing... gluing the lid on... I have a box that already has this opening... I NEVER thought to use it for crayons... NOW I MUST! LOL Thanks for this great instructable!
Great tip! These are also great to throw into the garage for collecting bits. If they get damaged you can freely release it to the recycling center without feeling the pain of the loss of a really nice container. :)
Have you tried gluing the lid down? My thoughts are first super glue but then, clear silicon caulk. Also, lightly sand the outside of the container, that way, you could paint it easily to decorate it.
 Hi eetzel.  No, I have not tried gluing them down.  The tape holds pretty well, though.  I haven't had to make a new one in a while because my kids are getting better at not knocking them around.  Next time we need one, I'm going to try gluing them to see how that works.  Thanks!
I have added this instructable to the Green Kids group!
Thank you jauncourt! :)
this is a great idea!!!! As we finish up with the wipe boxes, I can use a container to didvide her lil toys too! Thanks for a great idea!
Very cool idea. I will do this the next time we empty a wipe container!

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