Introduction: Recycle "Broken' Plastic Eggs

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At the end of Easter we have a surplus of those plastic eggs..

Some get used for storage of stuff and things,however some wont seal well or are cracked.

This Instrucable will show you how to still get some use out of this "junk"

Step 1: Stuff You'll Need

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"bad" egg

Crochet hook 4.25 mm

#4 yarn any color

Step 2: Begin to Mummify

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Start off with a "magic circle" and add single stitches increasing in number.I am still a beginner and not to that practiced(hence I might be off on the jargon)

Sometimes stick the egg in to see how well it fits.

Step 3: 75% Mummified

Picture of 75% Mummified

While the hole is still big enough to pop the egg in or out now you can add stuff to make it rattle(or if you wanna be more clandestine put valuables in it).

You can stop here in order to still have access to what you've put inside

or continue..

Step 4: Full Crochet Jacket

Picture of Full Crochet Jacket

Keep going and complete the outside of the egg..after this you could add eyes,hair,legs or bedazzle it with jewels..a "Crochet Faberge" as it were.

So next year you could use them again or make 'em a collectable for the family.


WUVIE (author)2014-05-01


durango421 (author)WUVIE2014-05-01

Thank you...made some with arms and legs since then.enjoy

jennabean20 (author)2014-04-23

So cool !!!!!:-)

durango421 (author)jennabean202014-04-23

Thank you :)

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