Introduction: Recycle Cardboard Boxes for Shipping

This is how I recycle in my little business. I go to stores and get the boxes that they are throwing away. Then reuse them by turning them inside out. This is as green as it gets and saves a lot of money for shipping cost. I save as much as I can so I can keep my prices low. This way I can a least have a fighting chance to compete with imports and large corporations. A little guy has to be smart and think out side of the box, get it box. I know you have to laugh at us older guys. We need more laughter in the world today. Thank you so much for supporting me at Every little sale helps. I hope this video is useful to you.
Thank you
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cobourgdave (author)2013-04-26

Hey, I agree and have been using this method for years when shipping odd shaped items. I also used to use an old packager's trick of taping ALL edges, to avoid damage going through the postal system. Keep up this environmentally and cheap approach!

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