Recycle Combination Lock Into Necklace





Introduction: Recycle Combination Lock Into Necklace

This is a fun way to recycle a combination lock. With very little effort and time we can easily create a unique typographic necklace made from the number tumblers found inside a combination lock.

Step 1: Get Hold of a Combination Lock

I found this lock at REI. Unfortunately I have forgotten my combination, lost the key, and failed to crack the combination.

Step 2: Purchase a Military Dog Tag Necklace

I found this inexpensive military dog tag necklace at the local army surplus store.

Step 3: Gather Tools

You will need a slotted head screwdriver and a hammer.

Step 4: Loosen the Gate

Begin by loosening the lock. Investigate your lock. Find the weakest point of the design. My particular lock has a flimsy gate near the top. After you locate the weak point insert the slotted head screwdriver and give it a couple medium strength taps with the hammer. No need to over do it.

Step 5: Split the Case

Finish dismantling the lock by splitting the side open. Tapping the gate in the previous step will open a small crack down the side of this particular lock. Insert your screwdriver into the crack and gently tap a couple times. Shouldn't require much force. Consider protecting the floor or doing this project outside. The screwdriver could easily scratch a wood floor or chip floor tile so be careful.

Step 6: Survey the Lock Elements

Inspect the lock elements. Locate the circular tumblers. Consider archiving the other parts for future projects. Be mindful of the very small parts inside your lock. This is especially true if you have pets or small children around.

Step 7: Thread the Tumblers Onto the Dog Tag Necklace

This is the easiest part. Simply thread the tumblers and you are finished.



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    this looks very interesting, will have to give it a try?

    Many thanks Tarun ;).

    Great idea! At least now I know what to do with the bike lock I can't remember the combo for.

    1 reply

    Happy to hear your bike lock will find a new purpose ;).

    Many thanks BruceE3

    You will need a flat-blade (or slotted head) screwdriver (Phillips head has the cross shaped point). End hammer abuse now.

    Nice looking necklace. Thanks for posting.

    1 reply

    Ahhh the details ;). Thanks for catching this. I have always confused the two.

    Thanks ;). In addition to my typo you also found a bug on Instructables. The title form fields do not spell check.

    Many thanks Kiteman ;)

    Thanks for the kind feedback!

    Great idea, but what happens if you forget the combination again?

    1 reply