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How to make ship in to old light bulb

Step 1: Bulb prepare

Picture of Bulb prepare
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Cut bulb and remove wolfram with filament

wow, you must have the patience of a saint, excellent skill.

twopussez1 year ago

Very neat. I have a big heap of used lightbulbs in my kitchen, I'll be able to create the Spanish Armada :)

Kelly022 years ago
This is just amazing! I want one!
That is a great idea!
samando6 years ago
try doing this with an energy saving bulb... heh, heh, heh...
jawasan samando2 years ago
oh boy! That's funny :D
Challenge Accepted.
awwww so cute but so coooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooL
What material used to make the sail? sry for my bad english :)
Mattrox4 years ago
Been wondering what to do with the cork I have lying around. Thanks!
Thanks for the idea and the pictures:

We have made ​​a compilation of the top 20 ideas for recycling a bulb. Yours is in that collection because it is beautiful.

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yukthi4 years ago
COOOOOL project man !!!
moosofa5 years ago
where did you find such thick toothpicks? bamboo skewers are too thick and solid for me to poke through it and the toothpicks i have seem too flimsy :(
Yup Moosofa i was having the same exact issue! maybe a smaller needle or something
 just make the bamboo skewers smaller. use a knife. i think that would work...
argentin4 years ago
I love this idea
I made one of this as a christmas for my mom
The only problem was that I had to put glue on the outside and it was white, but I still think it looks good.
Thank you for this guide
very interesting
how do you cut the bulb
chosenone36 years ago
This is great instructable 4.5/5 My grandfather got a lil bigger all wooden ship in a transparent beer bottle and ship deck is like 2 times as big as hole (maby even more big) and i wonder how that was made :D (i didnt saw any metal things that would hold the poles so im little confused)
I think they actually put the whole thing together inside the bottle with a hook on a stick.
or long tweezers...
jj32x hernanai6 years ago
or very small hands and arms:-D
or the tiny people that live inside the radio (I'm serioius I hear them talking all the time)
or those tiny people you keep hearing with even smaller arms and yet smaller still tweezers that can push atoms around
there are pills that can help you !
I dont need no sugar pill. i swear there real!!! BELEIVE ME!!! (gets taken away by the nice men in white coats)
Oh the marshmellow men? they give such nice coats as presents.
(sobs) They never give me anything :'( (sob)
I'm sorry for your loss *pats on back*
(sobs less) at least someone cares (wipes away tears)
errr yeah... *looks nervously at the "kick me" sign on back*
 epic thread :D
Candy!!! Yay!!!
oh my god.... You too? I thought I was the only one... I hear them at department stores talking in code all the time too "Phil code 33, phil code 33" lol...
jj32x hernanai6 years ago
there annoying me right now. there singing from my computer. they must be really small because my computer has no side on it and I can't see them.
than how the hell would the deck fit in the bottle as I said it lot bigger than the hole and it doesn't seam its made from parts (the deck)
the deck is made of planks I definitly wouldn't have enough patience to put one together (This is easy enough though)
maybe your right idk. But it looks cool :D
Kornelie5 years ago
 how cool is this! most deserved 5stars ever
artzjo5 years ago
How cool is that. I am going to display my jewellery in light bulbs. Thanks for the idea Jo
gtxmag4405 years ago
I cant find any blue hot glue. Think candle wax dyed blue could be used for water?
I'm actually almost done with mine, I went ahead and made a cork pirate's ship and it came out great! And I guess I used a pretty cheap lightbulb because all did was heat up the metal bottom with a lighter for a few seconds and the metal slid right off! I'll post up pics once I get it in and get the blue glue for the water! 5 *'s
Ma Barley6 years ago
BE CAREFUL with the "energy saving bulbs"! The gases in them are dangerous if broken!
with the dangerous gases in soe bulbs you should be safe in a well ventilated area as long as you dont huff the gasses there isnt enough to affect you but yea dont open them indoors just to be safe
kcls5 years ago
Where did you get the blue hot glue from? was there other colors as well?
mg0930mg kcls5 years ago
He answered this a few comments down.
CaseBoy5 years ago
 the video,t doesn't work

marlon_f275 years ago
your work is reeeeeally cooool :D

i would just like to see a more detailed perspectives of the ship from different views and angles. thanks.

moosofa5 years ago
where do you get different colored glues? craft store?
Wow. That's amazing.
AWWWWWWWW! This is awesome...and cute.
Ben Seran6 years ago
how do you get the metal part off?
tooday116 years ago
Very nice
Shumaila6 years ago
its awesummm !!!!!
skatelong6 years ago
Where do you get the blue stuff from that you use for the water and how do You put a hole in the toothpicks?
Great Instructable! There are a lot of different shape glass bulbs out there to build in. Really cool. This would make great quick Christmas presents too.!
or ornaments....
dj.kazb0t6 years ago
When I want to remove the glass part of a bulb from the metal, screw part, I hold the bulb in my hand with thick gloves (like and oven mitt) and use a blow torch or similar to heat up the metal part until it slides off easily. (Grab the metal part with a pair of channel-locks or similar.) This keeps the glass bulb intact! Be careful not to burn yourself!
chile.limon6 years ago
ive always wanted a ship in a bottle, for whatever reason i still dont have one... i dig this!!
sallmin6 years ago
perfect perfect perfect goes great with fishtank
save-energy6 years ago
What a great way too use your old bulbs. Creative, innovative, & less for the landfill.
Jupolo6 years ago
A very good instructable. Like others I went straight out and got a light bulb and went to town with a sharp knife. I couldn't get the jacket off though. I wonder if some bulbs are better for this than others. The glue seems to be a 5mm band of glue that is very hard to get to. Anyone who had luck doing it, can you say what type of bulb you used and how you went about removing it and how long it took. Thanks
trishieC Jupolo6 years ago
I tried making one last night but didnt realize that I had to cut through glass to get it apart. The utility knife I used doesnt cut glass (does it??) I ended up peeling away the metal with some pliers just to see how the bulb was made and realized the glass extends down to the base of the metal part. Unless I figure out how to cut glass my little ship doesnt have a home. :( Any suggestions about how to cut this glass?
hg341 trishieC6 years ago
use your knife(any sharp will do) and make a make where you want the cut to be then go over and over over and over over and over the mark with your knife sooner or later you will make it though the glass with a clean cut
this is pretty flippin' awesome!!
Very dificult to remove to remove the metal jacket off.
Dude that was tough i couldn't use your method to open it. Had to figure something out myself but it got the job done.
irxo6 years ago
this is why i get lost on instructables.
This is awesome, great job. I cant get the metal part off the lightbulb though. >__<
paperstar6 years ago
Great idea, I'm going to make one but, how did you make the hole in the toothpick to put the pin through?
hu7776 years ago
great Instructable, I tried to make one but i couldn't cut off the metal part. :(
maneshcs6 years ago
Simply superb.. :)
Solderguy6 years ago
This looks awesome! Great job!
phillyfanjd6 years ago
I dont care about your english this was a very idepth tutorial and you used many pictures. Thnx.
This instructable is great. I made one of these today. Broke a few bulbs. I couldn't find blue hot glue sticks. Where did you get the sticks you used? I mounted mine to a little beveled piece of wood. I used an engraving tool to etch some words in a little scrap piece of brass and used some tiny brass nails to mount that to the wood. It looks really cool and I will post a picture soon. Please help with the glue sticks and thanks for posting a great instructable!
KennyBoy086 years ago
WOw...ur idea is really cool. I try making one too. But the prob is i cant cut open the lightbulb. I use Philips 100w clear lightbulb, and when cut like hw you do it, the glass break...what brand of lightbulb you use? hw do you cut it so easily?
DO you reckon, instead of using blue hot glue sticks, you could just pour blue paint in the bottom and then attach the boat with pvc glue?
Punkguyta6 years ago
Where on earth did you get BLUE hot glue sticks??
msolek (author)  Punkguyta6 years ago
This I buy in Deutsche markt Penny , I have also yellow, blue, red, :-)
8doug8 msolek6 years ago
WTH!!! is a Dutch market penny maybe its a little store the little people in the radio go to and they make pennys thats why their so detailed!!!
why the hell did you say dutch when he clearly said German in German?
srry I only know one phrase in German, Sprekenzy Deutsche and as you can see I don't know how to spell it? I thought that was how you spelt dutch in dutch
Sprechen Sie Deutsche? Ich spreche ein bisschen Deutsch. (I speak a little German.)
ax89 Arkayanon6 years ago
ein biere bitte. One beer please. (Not sure about the German spelling.)
8doug8 8doug86 years ago
BTW sweet instructable great Idea
He said "Deutsche" which is German for "German" !
Gurgoi 8doug86 years ago
not Dutch, he means German.

I usually don't go to penny , but now I have to
I'm from Germany, too.
thats cool....I have never heard of colored hot glue sticks......
paulpcc6 years ago
thats cool :)
pyroelfears6 years ago
jillg6 years ago
where did you find hot glue that was blue
Indigno6 years ago
Now do it with a CFL.
The tubes are too narrow...
sar·casm: \ˈsär-ˌka-zəm\ noun 1: a sharp and often satirical or ironic utterance designed to cut or give pain2 a: a mode of satirical wit depending for its effect on bitter, caustic, and often ironic language that is usually directed against an individual b: the use or language of sarcasm
jillg Indigno6 years ago
ItsTheHobbs6 years ago
Neat. Except it's a mast, not a pole
And it's a "hull" not a "hulk", though your spelling is funnier. :p
msolek (author)  ItsTheHobbs6 years ago
Robotika6 years ago
I love this! What a great way to reuse an old bulb.
ge72436 years ago
Rather awesome. The music in the brief video is great as well, reminds me of the background music in How It's Made documentaries. :D
jericho1006 years ago
AWESOME idea! In Charlotte, NC I've found blue hot glue sticks @ Lowe's Hardware & Hobby Lobby. Thanks again!
Gakki6 years ago
That is friggin nifty. I may have found how I'm decorating my tree this christmas.
Iamtwinks Gakki6 years ago
OMG...yes yes yes. Imagine all the cool litle scenes you could make! I've gotta try this! Brilliant, thanks for the prompt.
c_a_rowell6 years ago
This looks like a great project (thinking of making one for dad for Christmas) but I am having difficulty understanding how to take off the metal part of the bulb. Is it as simple as prying it off? More details would be appreciated. Thank you.
i scored around the edges with a knife trying to break any glue that may be there, then i pried it off, it was quite easy.
i tried to do it with a scalpel but it didnt worked it broke when i used the hammer to slab the knife
msolek (author)  c_a_rowell6 years ago
Yes, is very simple, take off the metal part of the bulb, use sharp knife.
jkinrade6 years ago
Cool instructable. Also, I wish Tungsten was called 'wolfram' here in the US.
pebbles16 years ago
my hubby will love this im sure wait till i show him thanks for the idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
omnibot6 years ago
I likez!
h3llo416 years ago
awsome!, i cant wait till i make mine :D
SpecieS~6 years ago
awesome idea :D big 5 stars from me
Kaiven6 years ago
That is incredible! uh wait... INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!!!! 5*!
adolfhitler6 years ago
Great instructable but it needs more detail on how to build it.
finfan76 years ago
I did a project way back when where I used hotglue for a water effect. I put down unsteady lines of hot glue and then did it again between the lines. Then i painted over the thing with thin blue ink. The effect was actually pretty good.
Very cute! Hallo from Berlin (;
thomas_c6 years ago
I love it. So you say you can get the hot glue at a penny markt? Now I need to look for one. Alternatively, you could have used slow drying epoxy and added some blue pigment to it and acutally set the ship in the water. I guess I'll try that and post a second 'ible with pictures.
MicroKID6 years ago
Brilliant! :)
trapper236 years ago
Hi trapper23 here i had a similar thought when i looked at previous lightbulb projects damn you beat me to it!! great instructable im trying to perfect a storm effect within a larger bulb in meanwhile brill job well done
if you use fabric paint (thick plastic like stuff) you could easily shape it and add color swirls before it dried. you could have large choppy waves and violent surges. also, these make nice gift ideas. very nice gift ideas.
How did you make the rope stick? Superglue?
msolek (author)  Crimson-Deity6 years ago
Yes :-)
ventsi6 years ago
uguy6 years ago
Well done, excellent ible, thanks for sharing!
mrbob10006 years ago
i just made one with a bulb from a night light, very nice instructable. 5/5
NeonLime6 years ago
This is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!! VERY well done on this... The way you put the ship in the bulb is genius! 5 Stars..
Sunbanks6 years ago
Wow! That looks really good!
bumpus6 years ago
Excellent instructable! I may need to do this... :D
Nextraker6 years ago
The Results are amazing
PKM6 years ago
You might want to replace "wolfram" with "filament" and "agraffe" with "pin" but otherwise your english is good enough to be understood, and your pictures give all the detail needed (I didn't even watch the video). Great ship-in-a-bottle 'Ible, I'd love to make one of these.
Plasmana6 years ago
Haha! I just saw that video on metacafe before I saw this instructable, great work!
Totally awesome video.
KentsOkay6 years ago
Very cool! 4 star!
gmjhowe6 years ago
great work! love it!
peguiono6 years ago
very nice! I once had a ship in a bottle kit that was made somewhat like this.
greeenpro6 years ago
WOW!!!! This really turned out great. It's brilliant.