Recycle Old Light Bulb

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Introduction: Recycle Old Light Bulb

How to make ship in to old light bulb

Step 1: Bulb Prepare

Cut bulb and remove wolfram with filament

Step 2: Mast

Make a mast from toothpick and agraffe.

Step 3: Hulk and Mast

Make hulk from cork or other materials, and pick the mast.

Step 4: Ship Details

Add ship details: sail, rope, etc.

Step 5: Hot Glue

Make water imitation from hot blue glue.

Step 6:

Fold mast and put ship in to the bulb.

Step 7: Set Pole

Set mast with toothpick.

Step 8: Glue

stick together glass with bulb screw.

Step 9: Finish

Make "bulb holder" and fasten.

Good Luck

Sorry my English



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    This way cool and I find your English charming.

    I came up with an idea to build a glass light bulb ship in a bulb. And see there are already others doing it now.

    Well may try a lighthouse in a light bulb.

    wow, you must have the patience of a saint, excellent skill.

    Very neat. I have a big heap of used lightbulbs in my kitchen, I'll be able to create the Spanish Armada :)

    This is just amazing! I want one!

    try doing this with an energy saving bulb... heh, heh, heh...

    oh boy! That's funny :D