Recycle Old Watches





Introduction: Recycle Old Watches

How to make motorcycle, from old watches.


Step 1:

Step 2: What You Need

1 . Old Watches
2. Wire
3. Old metal pen
4. Epoxide glue

Step 3: Wheels and Tyres

Make wheels from old watches and tyres from bracelets

Step 4: The Cylinders

make 2 cylinder from old bracelet.

Step 5: The Engine

The engine from two watches and add two cylinders.

Step 6: The Fender

make the fender (?) from another bracelet, and glue with wheel.

Step 7: The Petrol Tank

make petrol tank two square watches.

Step 8: Steering Wheel

make steering wheel from wire and glue with petrol tank.

Step 9: Lamp, Back and Exhaust.

make lamp from watch, back from wire, and exhaust from old pen, - glue all together.

Step 10: Finish

Good Luck, sorry my english :-)



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    hey there is an art contest created by lil lary you would totaly win

    very interesting. i wonder if u could make a Lamborgini? (I probably misspelled it)

    1 reply



    Absolutely outstanding. I love it. Well done and thanks for sharing!

    1 reply

    im with him great tutorial just about to make one

    Your talent surpasses anything your English may be lacking.  In short: AWESOME!!!  Thanks for sharing!

    this is what you call a great INSTRUCTABLE :D 

    If I could buy one, I so would. That looks like a motorcycle!

    The left watch in the first picture of step four is actually a VERY nice watch...

    I love this thing, but what if ou don't have the same types of watches and such? are you supposed to go buy them?


    How much did it cost to make?

    wow looks really nice

    Wonderful work! (Yes, "fender" is the correct word for the cover over the wheel)

    I really sincerely hope you have a job doing this kind of thing because you are far, far too talented to be just doing this as a hobby!!! All of your instructables are absolutely amazing!! Real works of art!

    nice wheels

    wow. Fantastic idea. That is a real work of art. I'm making one!