Step 5: Saw the Woods Into Four Pieces.

I used the hand saw, now why I did not use the electric circular Saw? Because I want to and after all, it is my green project alas save the electric! After all, I think I gain some muscles and sweat profusely. No Pain, no gain. Go ahead measure the one wood by line it up to the studs that are "back legs" then saw them into for piece, Glue and nail the two wood to each side of stud. Ignore middle stud. Now you have front legs!
Dude, that's nice! <br>I don't usually find those pallets, but I'll keep an eye out for them. Great project! <br>I must be a redneck too!!
Great project! <br>What are the final dimensions?
Wow this is fantastic! I've been looking for something to do with my pallets. I love the natural look although I might need to wait till I get 2 that match a bit more to make it easier. And well done on the handsaw, at least you now have a nice place to sit down and enjoy a well deserved break.

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