Step 8: The result.

Picture of The result.
You're done! You could sand it. Seal it. Paint it blue or pink, I don't care whatever. I like it as au natural. Of course, I am going to sand it later when it is not too hot and humid.  (You know it does affect the wood as it expands in humidity.)

Enjoy it and be green! Recycle the pallets instead throw good ones away. By the way, I also save the leftover wood, the ones was sawed off (for legs) for later use with other projects. Waste not.
hgarmorer2 years ago
Great project!
What are the final dimensions?
Wow this is fantastic! I've been looking for something to do with my pallets. I love the natural look although I might need to wait till I get 2 that match a bit more to make it easier. And well done on the handsaw, at least you now have a nice place to sit down and enjoy a well deserved break.