Picture of Spy Video Trakr: Add a Missile Launcher
In honor of National Robotics Week and the Instructables Robot Challenge I am submitting a few robot designs. This design (for ages 13-18) takes advantage of Wild Planet's Spy Video Trakr, which is easily programmable and designed by its developers to be hacked.

The Trakr is a remote controlled robot equipped with a microphone and color video camera, speaker, a near infrared LED for night vision, an SD memory card slot for recording audio/video and 8MB of on board memory for storing downloadable and user designed programs. The remote control unit has control levers to drive the robot, a speaker and color video display so you can hear the audio picked up by the microphone and display the video transmitted by the camera, and several function buttons that can be used to control additional program functions of user designed programs.

In this Instructable you will learn how to hack the Spy Video Trakr. You will learn how to download and install the C language compiler for the Trakr. You will learn how to compile a simple program and install it on the Trakr and then run this simple program. Next you will learn how to open up the Trakr, attach jumper pins to the GPIO connections on the main circuit board of the Trakr. You will learn how an electronic relay works, what the electronic scematic diagram for a relay looks like, and what an actual electronic circuit diagram in which the relay is used looks like. You will learn how to make conversion cables to connect the Trakr to external devices. You will learn how to make a larger cargo deck for the Trakr and mount a foam missile launcher platform on the new cargo deck. You will learn how to tap into the Trakr's 9 volt and 5 volt power supplies. Finally you will learn how to write and compile a program to fire missiles from the foam missile launcher and install it on the Trakr and then run the program.