Introduction: Recycle Your Packet of Crisps!

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Turn Your Packet Of Crisps Into A Mini-Version With This Instructable!

Step 1: Put Your Crisps Into the Microwave

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Place Your Crisps Into The Microwave On 800W For 3 - 5 Seconds.

Note: You Will See Sparks And Obviously The Packet Of Crisps Shrinking.

Step 2: Leave the Crisps to Stand

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Leave The Crisps To Stand For 10 - 15 Seconds.

Step 3: You Now Have a Mini Packet of Crisps!

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Now You Have A Mini Packet Of Crisps Have Fun!!!

Remember: RECYCLE And Save The PLANET!


dumdumrom (author)2013-06-16

un nuevo ciclo para un viejo objeto que ya cumplio con su objetivo principal
que uso le podes dar a eso? no creo que cuente como recliclado.

roulopa (author)2011-11-03

The best way would be to actually NOT EAT crisps at all...

They are packaged in large bags with a lot of air, travel a long way and need a lot of energy to manufacture and get to you...

Chips would be greener (in a way) but then again, fried food is no good to you at all.

Have a nice snacking time ;-)

HarrisIndi (author)2011-09-19

When I was younger we had these sorts of packets, we put them in the oven and they would shrink well, they'd curl a bit but then flatten out again. Unfortunately, most of our packets have a foil lining now (Australia).

Braeburn (author)2008-06-05

Where do you get tangy cheese flavor?

NatNoBrains (author)Braeburn2011-01-18


Braeburn (author)NatNoBrains2011-01-18

Really? Because I have never seen them. Anywhere. At all. What country were they purchased in, if I might ask? :D

NatNoBrains (author)Braeburn2011-01-19


Braeburn (author)NatNoBrains2011-01-19

Ah, that explains it. Never have seen them in Canada/US

Flumpkins (author)Braeburn2008-08-21

I second that question!

NatNoBrains (author)Flumpkins2011-01-18


Dvdrw (author)Braeburn2008-10-26

After making this my microwave is absoloutey fine. You can also put them in the oven in aluminium foil wrapped round.. But microwave works best.

redbuho (author)2008-04-10


101yummYYummy101 (author)redbuho2010-01-04

chip bags arent actually made out of metal...

nekoheehee (author)2009-02-14

I don't get how this is recycling anything :\ if anything it might be harmful to the environment.

Dvdrw (author)2009-01-30

Ye, I personally wouldnt reccomend you doing this unless you have a spare microwave, My microwave is fine after doing this but id rather you not having to buy a new microwave.

bun!1 (author)2008-12-19

It didn't really work for us as it threw sparks everywhere and nearly blew up our kitchen. It is a good idea but we then tried in the oven for about 5 minutes at around 230 degrees it worked and shrunk to about 2cm by 5cm. Of course it could of just been our microwave.

philipster (author)2008-04-13

mabey its diffrest to amrerican peoduct packagaing but when i did it the packagaring had bits of mnetal oxide causing the sparcks that made plazma then it got insode and melted the transistor and i have blown up a mircowave by putting 20 cds in the microwave

zonemad96 (author)philipster2008-08-07

it says that you will see sparks. its only plasma cut a grape in half place it in the microwave on high for 30 sec and watch it you will see sparks. their harmless

Mikie-z (author)2008-05-20

Hydrocarbons, melting, bad for your health

Dvdrw (author)2008-04-09

Guys, This Is Enviromentally Friendly Becuase You Are Only Using 3 - 5 Seconds Of Electricity And Shrinking The Crisps Smaller So You Dont Have To Use As Many Bin Bags. And Yes This Does Work! I Will Add A Video Of It Soon.

shooby (author)Dvdrw2008-04-09

Hmm, another tricky debate- Is using the microwave for 3-5 seconds more environmentally friendly than using it for 0 seconds? Nope! Does the actual mass of the chip packet decrease? Nope! So unless you're normally too lazy to fold up your chip packet before you throw it away, is this actually any smaller after nuking it??? Nope! Here's an idea genius, why not use chip packets as bin bags, then you won't have to use so many bin bags, and you won't have to pre-process your trash domestically using a microwave.

duct tape (author)shooby2008-04-16

It's not less mass, but it is more dense. More dense = less space taken up by the bag.

DjProToJeeX (author)Dvdrw2008-04-13

its the same amount of mass tho man. science 101 and if there is less mass that means youd be releasing some sort of gas in the air.

DjProToJeeX (author)DjProToJeeX2008-04-13

i think this calls for an experiment. to weigh them before and after and see the result. is this worst for the environment then good.

philipster (author)2008-04-13

this is exactly like put a cd in the microwave DON'T DO IT ive blown up a microwave its cool but and seriously injure you and even kill you if ur are in a 10 meter radius and if ur going to do it don't do it in ur house the melting plastic odor stays in ur for for 3 day at least

Dvdrw (author)philipster2008-04-13

Lol? Dude, i do it loads of time it only slightly smells and goes after a minute and it doesnt blow up ur microwave thats just something you've made up.

shooby (author)2008-04-09

No don't worry, it's not hipercritical, it is "hypocritical" however.

shooby (author)2008-04-08

Hmmm, tricky debate- is this environmentally friendly or not?? Well, owning a microwave is not, neither is using one, neither is buying food produced with energy intensive chemical content, neither is buying said food in energy intensive packaging, and no, neither is using electricity to make it smaller. I hope this is a joke, if so then it's pretty funny-although it will have meant that you actually did put this in the microwave.

craig3 (author)shooby2008-04-08

If you look around in other competitions, people just add their instructable for the sake of it it, even if they enter a machine that needs to be driven on the back of a car into the pocket sized comp

alvincredible (author)craig32008-04-09

LOL this made me laugh. maybe he's going for a random prize?

LinuxH4x0r (author)2008-04-08

This is pointless and a waste of electricity

GorillazMiko (author)2008-04-08

It looks awesome and funny, but I have to agree with JakeTobak.

JakeTobak (author)2008-04-08

How is this recycling? Instead of throwing it out, you use up some electricity and then throw it out? Or do you make stuff out of shrunken Doritos bags?

Dvdrw (author)JakeTobak2008-04-08

You can also make a cool keyring! Out of it sorry i forgot to add that. Kind Regards Dvdrw

DjProToJeeX (author)2008-04-08

this is kinda funny is it forreal....

DjProToJeeX (author)DjProToJeeX2008-04-08

cause technically it should still be the same amount of mass

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