Introduction: Recycle an Old Jeans Into a Sexy Mini Skirt

Learn how to recycle an old jeans into a sexy mini skirt!


caradepoto (author)2010-04-29

she's pretty hot and super talented. love at first sight.

studioare (author)2009-09-20

love the smile. your very talented

Vroomfondel (author)2009-06-11

I can't believe she's cutting through denim with those craft scissors. She needs a good pair of fabric sheers. Awesome instructable. I had to subscribe.

chriskicker92 (author)2008-12-08

OK, u win....i see the talent

risc999 (author)2008-09-12

I'd just rather her keep walking around in them panties.

mokano667 (author)2008-09-12

i have those jeans ... DONT JUDGE ME~!~!~!~!

carlos66ba (author)2008-08-19

She's nice and talented, and good for the eyes too :-)

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