Picture of Recycle cans into nice trays
This fun project will amaze your friends/girlfriends by it's simplicity and efficency.
I've been doing these "trays" for a long time now, mostly on hollydays, at the beach house when you got time to spare and there's nothing to put your ashes in.

Be really carefull while doing this instructable, i cut myself last week and i couldn't advise you enough to ask a grown-up for help if you're not comfortable with cissors and metal (even if you are 26 like me ;))
And please excuse my style/orthographe : i did my best but english isn't my birth language ;).

Well, let's get started with these very easy steps.

Step 1: Find a soda can, a pair of scissors and let's cut the top of the can out.

Picture of Find a soda can, a pair of scissors and let's cut the top of the can out.
No problems here, stab the can with your scissors, and cut the top of the can out. The cut can be messy, we will adjust it in the next step.
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CarmerR6 months ago

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IVT1 year ago


urbanX2 years ago
nice and cool
discojen3 years ago
nicely done, great instructions. I wouldn't worry about your spelling, this was a very easy instructable to follow.
luckyone6 years ago
this is so cool i didnt realize it until now that you can cut the part where you drink out of put it inside the little plate and use it as a picture frame ive already made 2 out of a&w cans in 10 mins
That's a great idea!!!!! Thanks!!!
witchs_eyes3 years ago
Simply Brilliant
toswalt13 years ago
I love it. My boyfriend and I just bought a house with a bar and these will make great beer can ash trays : )
Kornelie5 years ago
 wow! love it!!
Ouchimoo5 years ago
That is crazy neat looking! I'd be worried about somehow cutting myself on it though.
ti_jean_545 years ago
Your instructable is great a lot of detail that other people skip and we all need.
hixair (author)  ti_jean_545 years ago
 thank you for your comment !! this was my first instructable and i'm glad people like it :)
Reesha6 years ago
I love this! however, i found a way to get rid of the spikey flaps on the back, you can cut away the corner of the flap furthest from the centre, then tuck the flap under the petal it just came out of!
try making one out of a monster can
hixair (author) 8 years ago
if you have any comments or suggestion to make it better, do not hesitate : I'm not sur i should call them "trays". Thanks for your attention anyway ! :)
Candle holders?
I melted some wax and stuck a candle in it - it looks really good
Iridium7 hixair6 years ago
Junk holders?
nekoheehee6 years ago
I think I'm going to solder a long thick wire to the bottom of mine and make it look more flower like :D
humoogous6 years ago
Cool! Makes a nice ashtray or tealight stand. I believe they can even float on water! Way to go dude!
Love this neat use for "trash". Looks like something that a fair trade store would sell. I will definitely using this at parties :)
hixair (author) 7 years ago
AHaH... it's a tissue i clean the coke left in the can with ! :) But you're right, might have been funnier if has been bloody from a cut ;)
KrisJR7 years ago
Hey, in step 1, picture 3, I couldn't help but notice that there's something that looks like bloody kleenex? lol.
loggerhead7 years ago
COOL I made 3
KreaKatri7 years ago
If you fold it like this(and not like the beer can ashtrays also on this side) you can actually put a large tea light(around 5 centimeters/2 inches in diameter) this is just like 1 centimeter or a bit less than ½ an inch smaller in diameter than a beer can. This means that you can fold the "petals" so they just cover the inner edge of the can. Then the tealight is held, so it won't tilt, and you have a very cool and different candlestick. If I have any linguistic errors, I apologize. English is not my first language.
These are pretty cool. I wouldn't have thought of this myself.
Walrus Man8 years ago
Wow, these are brilliant! It's amazing how you managed to get the folds so neat. I'll have to have a go with this method. Great instructable!
i mande one but the thing i found hard was the (i cut myself when i mande it : ) (bad english)
hmm a great ninja like hrowing star...muahaha its sharp and its easy to make but also i think it would be kool to put ur burger on it... (im 12 so i cant mention anything about ashtrays) ittl be a fun and easy project i shall flag it as AWESOME...that is all
bumpus8 years ago
awsome i needed somthing for my friends b-day theese would make a wicked ashtray haha
DrBenway8 years ago
I Just made one of these and it worked out great - thanks. I was thinking they'd make a nice clock if you put some works in them.
Lifje8 years ago
really nice!! i just killed a pair of sissors making one and the result donsen't look quite as nice as yours..but i'm sure that with a few more i'll be really good ;) Thanks for sharing...
n3ldan8 years ago
Awesome instructable, simple, cheap, and cool. Great job!
hixair (author) 8 years ago
maybe you saw me selling these... ;) we were selling these 1€, right enough to pay our drinks...
el_wombato8 years ago
Very cool. I saw these being made on the street in Barcelona when I was there a few years back.
That is awesome!!!!!! That is so cool. I just made one. They are so easy to make. This is going down as one of my favorite instructables of all.
Momastray8 years ago
I just made one.... love it! How creative! They could be used as disposable ashtrays, at a pool party, etc. for those that insist on smoking. Very good instructions. I'm left handed and even with a cast on my left arm I was able to make one. Thanks!
hixair (author) 8 years ago
I forgot to mention that you can make them deeper while you cut the petals and that you can also cut more petals (as you can see on the pic below).
samphex8 years ago
Oh my goodness that has to be the coolest thing ever! Nice job on your first one!
mylilsin8 years ago
I collect Dr Pepper Memorablia- and thsi will be a nice addition to my colllection...dr pepper dish/tray/thingys-(been to site forever - but your instructable inspired me to register so i could comment-GREAT INSTRUCTABLE
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