I must get at least 2 credit card offers in the mail each week, if not more. I hate throwing away all the envelopes. Then one night when I realized that I was out of CD/DVD sleeves I figured out a way to use them. This is my first Instructable. It's pretty simple but who knows, someone may find it useful.

Step 1: Fold

Just take an unused envelope and fold it to the size of a cd/dvd.

Step 2: Tape

Slap a piece or 2 of tape on it to keep it together.

Step 3: Optional - Trim

If desired trim off a little of the excess flap.

Step 4: Insert CD/DVD!

The flap doesn't actually fold over the cd/dvd but I was just looking for something quick and simple to protect the disc.

<p>Trimming the tab is a good idea, one can pen a brief description of disk contents on the flap, like a mini Pendaflex system. Nice thinking!</p>
<p>I'm with you there! I get so many of these every week. Such a great idea!</p>
<p>&quot;Quick and simple&quot; is often the best solution!</p>

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