Step 8: Finish

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Well done. :) good luck
RingoWild2 years ago
T.Rockwell4 years ago
excellent concept, nice look, recycling green planet props... i gotta make one.

But wait! what if a comet hits the power station, and there's a huge power surge!!! even your little light will surely burst into flames!!! or worse smoulder releasing undetectable toxic gasses that will make me lose my mind and just start setting stuff on fire!!!!

to all the people that keep the morons among us from blowing up the neighborhood, thank you. keep up the good work. hope you can take a little ribbing. if not, sorry. didn't mean to offend . but this guys project seems well, a little on the safe side to rate so much concern.. take care.

sreese24 years ago
How do you get the string to maintain this "curved" shape??
grooooovy5 years ago
This isn't what I would call "safe". There's a fire hazard you need to keep in mind while reading this instructable.
hans1 grooooovy4 years ago
if you had the time or the inclination you could paint all the sheets of paper with waterglass,which is a type of sodium silicate, this would make the paper fire proof. i've used this method to make the outsides of paper rockets..
haakon.k4 years ago
Nice idea! Something I haven't seen before to be sure. Props!
Sitnalta5 years ago
How do you make it not flammable? Even if you used LEDs, running electricity through dried paper is a huge no-no.
olsti5 years ago
and your sure this isn't going to burn?? 
your light will surley create a large amout of heat..
you should better use LED!!!
Frohickey6 years ago
A potential good use for expired phone books.
This is AWESOME. I'm going to have to make one of these for my friends :)