Step 5: Continue to remove the Components

Picture of Continue to remove the Components
Continue to remove the components with the same technique,and you will get a lot of them!
Your soldering iron with red handle (on picture above) looks excellent iron for removing most of through-hole components , but If you wish to remove some components from LCD TV or new gadgets such as iPod Touch, Kindle ebook reader or iPad you really need good soldering iron with small conical tip. For some temperature-sensitive components such as some ICs, diodes, MOSFETs, etc. I suggest using a temperature controlled soldering iron because too much heat can damage components.
I've actually thought of using a blow-torch to the back of a board while tapping the board to get all the parts off. however, my only concern would be the fact that some pins are bent after being inserted and they may not fall out. has anyone tried something like that? even still, a blow-torch would more quickly heat up the board but you might need a few friends to help pull out the components quickly!