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Introduction: Recycle Plastic Bottles Into Lamp Shades

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I recently broke one of the glass shades on the pendant light fitting in my kitchen. Since the light was about 5 years old there was no way to find a replacement glass shade. Not wanting to fork out the cost to replace the entire pendant light, I decided to try something different... recycling plastic juice bottles into light shades!

While I thought the finished project my look a bit cheesy - it didn't. You can't even tell the shades are plastic unless you stand very close! An added advantage of this project is that the kitchen is better lighted, since the red glass shades didn't really brighten up the space.

For the project I used 2 litre plastic juice bottles. The bottles themselves are already imprinted with a nice design, and this also makes cutting them up easier.

Use a sharp craft knife to remove the bottom section of the bottle and then trim with sharp scissors for a straight edge.

Obviously these bottles might not work on every single fitting, but you can always cut away at the top of the bottle if you need a larger opening.

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    I thought about it and then decided it would be brighter if I left them unpainted

    Great idea! I bet you should spray paint the plastic bottles to replicate the red color on the ones that broke