Step 7: Making the flour and water paste

Picture of Making the flour and water paste
When you have your basic loon form, prepare a mixture of paste out of flour, water and a spoonful of salt (salt helps prevent your creation from going mouldy after it has dried out).When you mix your paste, take a bowl and put another of those grocery bags in it. This is a good idea, as when you have finished with your paste, you can take the grocery bag and just throw it in the garbage, leaving very little mess in the bowl or anywhere else. Of course if you don't want to waste a grocery bag, just clean up the bowl afterwards and use that bag to help make another loon! Recipe for paste1/2 cup of flour and a large spoonful of salt in the bowl.Add 1 cup of warm water and mix it up with your hands.It should be like thick creamy soup. Add more flour to thicken it or more water to thin it. If you want more paste just double or triple up the ingredients in this ratio.