Step 3: Materials

You'll need:
Needle & thread (any colour will do)
Net bag of some kind (I used a laundry net with a broken zipper)
Cushion cover
<p>What a great way to reuse old stuffed animals! We, too, have gotten creative with recreating old stuffed animals. The blog we recently wrote (http://www.momapprovedtoys.com/2017/03/02/recreate-toys-already/) hits on doing a puppet show with stuffed animals. </p>
What do you do with the skins cause I am 11 and I love stuffed animals but their taking over my room so if you take the stuffing out what do with the skins I have an idea u can turn them into balloons fill them with helium and they most likely wont pop and if u r wondering where I got this idea this "artist" use real animal skins to make balloons for something I believe that using stuffed<br/>Animals is less cruel
aww...<br>you would want to cut up a little kitty toy?<br><br>Yes=U r a sick sick human<br>No= Nice person<br><br><br>
I agree with Faynilla, the stuffed animals in the picture looked like they were in good condition and less waste would have been generated overall if they had been donated. Maybe a better source of stuffing/polyfill would be old pillows? You can easily wash them too and there are tons of old pillows.
When I&nbsp; saw your Instruct, I thought of the cushion cover made from the &quot;pelts&quot; of your recycled stuffies!
so, in a nutshell, are you removing the stuffing from the toys, and recycling it into pillow forms and making new pillows?
&nbsp;&nbsp;This makes me wish I would have kept all of my old stuffed animals and used their stuffing for the pillows I'm going to be making my mom. -__-
aside from washign them, you can place them in the freezer, or deep freeze in a plastic bag. after a day or two all the germs are gone, and they will smell fresh. <br /><br />its a &quot;greener&quot; way to sanitize. but if they are not yours originally, washing them just sounds better.<br />
the only suggestion i have is if the animals are in good condition, it would probably be better to donate them to a shelter or something. there are lots of unfortunate children out there and they would be happy with even a well loved stuffed animal. <br /><br />but i do like this idea as apposed to throwing them away. I dont care much for wasting!<br />
Any suggestions on how this instructable can be improved?
Sorry for commenting so late.....I just came upon this. You are pretty detailed with your instructable, so the only improvement I would suggest is, maybe finding a use for the unstuffed animal shells; like maybe making a backpack or something with them (lamp base? Room deodorizer holder? etc)
Try this link for using up your old stuffed animals:<br/><br/> <a rel="nofollow" href="http://urbanbeast.com/home.html">http://urbanbeast.com/home.html</a><br/><br/>hilarious, creepy, cool!!!<br/>
Disembowel, arghhhhhhhhhhhhhh! How could you?
I've done it--I used the "skin" to make a Tigger rug. My little sister (it was her plushie) thought it was hilarious.
All the stuffed animals I used for this project were not my daughters old favorites so it was more like getting rid of garbage. ;)
Nice idea! I second jeff-o's suggestion to reuse the animals as well. Perhaps not a coat, but surely the bigger ones could turn into fuzzy slippers with only minor modifications?
Fuzzy slippers, hmm, what a great idea! Maybe I should try this one...
Can I use the pelts to make a new fur coat? ;)
LOL! You could try I guess. I only had very small animals, and as I don't have much sewing experience that's a little outta my league. I'd love to see someone try though!
I once saw a couch upholstered with teddy bear pelts. I'd love to see someone make that. I think i might just make a teddy bear pelt coat.

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