Here is a quick instructable to help you design and create your very own bag full of handy pockets! I hope you will use this as a guideline to adapt and make a creative bag.

Estimated time: 2-4hrs. depending on your sewing skills

Materials used:

Old worn-out cargo pants
Belt (to be the bag strap)

Sewing machine
Scissors (heavy duty fabric scissors recommended)
Measuring tape
Chalk (optional, used to measuring and marking the fabric)

I used almost all of the material from the pants including belt loops, pockets, and what I could salvage from the pant legs. So be careful when you are cutting and make sure you don't ruin something you might need later.

Step 1: First Step: Cut Up the Pants

I cut the pants into three sections:

1] The top section of the pants will provide the belt loops and back pockets.

2] The middle section started right below the inseam and nicely isolates the cargo pockets and some extra material for building the body of the bag.

3] The bottom of the legs will provide nice lengths of flat material.

I cut the pant leg segments up the middle of the leg to flatten out the material and make it usable.
this is so cool! though i do have a question did you use two diferent pairs of pants or did you die the material somehow?
Its actually the same pair of pants, the color change is due to the lighting conditions that I took the pictures. The pants appear more grey under natural lighting and more orange/brown under interior lighting.
Dang! Several months ago I disposed of a garbage bag of my husbands old pants--many of which would have made the best bags. I did save the good pockets and buttons, but not enough of the fabric to create such a nice sachel. Good work!
i know right! but that's why we have the Salvation Army :)
Such bad timing! Well hopefully you can keep this project in mind the next time he throws away some pants.
niice, very skillfully sewn. I too created a project for recycling army surplus cargos, check it out https://www.instructables.com/id/Quick-Pouch/
Thanks, you have a nice project as well. I'm glad other people see the power of cargo pant pockets! I may have to try it out as soon as I get another pair of worn out pants
Hey congratulations on winning Scoochmaroo Challenge: Reuse!!!
Thanks! I'm excited people liked my project :)
very awesome!

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