Recycle Your Treated Wood Railing in Base Tree Contour

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Introduction: Recycle Your Treated Wood Railing in Base Tree Contour

Recycle your treated wood railing in base tree contour

Step 1: Convert Your Old Wood Railling in an Base Tree Contour

Remove your old wood railling and disassembled

Step 2: Dismantled the Wood Banister.

Dismantled the wood banister.

Step 3: Cut and Sanded All the Railing Bar.

cut and sanded.

Step 4: Assemble Each Boards With the Galvanize Mouldings Recycled From Your Old Swimming Pool.

I used a temporary spacer 3/8 " between the bar during I've fixed them below with galvanize moldings recycled from my old swimming pool. Also, I painted each galvanize moldings with "TREMCLAD" black before installation.

Step 5: The Dimensions I Have Used.

The dimensions I have used.

Step 6: The Final Look When It's Dyed and Assembled

Step 7: Before and After



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    This looks great, wonderful use of reclaimed materials. Thanks for sharing.

    Thanks for your comments

    This looks so cool! How did you get the boards to line up so nicely?

    It look nicely, but it really not always full constant, I used the old wood that are not always super straight.

    Arbre Grillage description 2015-08-05 06 (12) copy.jpg