Recycle your wood,turn it into a laptop stand

Picture of Recycle your wood,turn it into a laptop stand
I'm gonna to show you how to make a cheap laptop stand
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Step 1: Materials needed

Picture of Materials needed
- Wood (depends of the size of computer)Mine was 30 cm*40cm
- Wooden sticks
- Screw
- Hot glue (optional)
- Dremel
- Hand saw
- File
- Ruler
- Pencil

Step 2: Cut the wood

Picture of Cut the wood
Cut you wood with dremel or whatever you want
My wood wasn't strong so i cutted two pieces

Step 3: Put everything

Picture of Put everything
1. Hotglue the wooden parts
2. Screw some screw on the wooden sticks
3. Enjoy

Step 4: Enjoy your new cheap dock

Picture of Enjoy your new cheap dock
You also can paint it but I haven't paint and I don't want to but paint
Enjoy your new dock
lucidn6 years ago
Very cool. Are you actually running OSX, or a Vista or XP skin? Also, I have the same wallpaper.
Tututu (author)  lucidn6 years ago
Thanks No,I came back to XP I tried Mac OS X 10.5.5 but there was no sound and no wifi So that is a skin flyakite