Picture of 3L Bottle Piggy Bank
This instructable will show you how to make a cute lil piggy bank from used soda bottles.
Use it for yourself or give it as a gift.

Step 1: What you need....

Picture of What you need....
~ 2 or 3 liter EMPTY soda bottle (I'm using 3ltr for this ible)
~ 4 20oz soda bottles or water bottles whichever
~ pink paint (or red and white if you don't have pink)
~ paint brush
~ sharpie
~ liquid nails
~ exacto knife (or some other sharp blade)
~ scissors
~ sand paper
breumer3 years ago
Thanks for sharing this nice instructable
Jasani_bae5 months ago
can I have yours ?
? OK
Jasani_bae5 months ago
this is amazing I can know have a place to put my money
hindi ko alam kung paano gumawa heehe
breumer3 years ago
we have many empty bottles but now we know what we can do with it thanks for sharing
jiajunwang3 years ago
Hehe, very clever....love it
Haha! I used tape (gorilla tape) instead of liquid nails, and instead of paint, I used zebra-patterned duct tape. Turned out pretty awesome.
This is awesome i really like how you unscrew the nose to get your coins back out!
This is so cute. My piggy bank is actually red, but I think I might be making this soon since my dresser will probably spontaneously collapse! This is amazing, thanks.
ohhhhhhhhhh no!!! ;0) a piggy bank "in the red". We must take up a collection to get the poor thing back in the black, because a poor little piggie can't go to market without any money ;0) yet alone buy supplies to build a house for himself and his brothers. ;0)
the_sandypants (author)  wubblecookie6 years ago
sorry about your dresser! but i'm glad you like the piggy!
i LOVE this!!! THIS IS AWESOME. i was going to buy a piggy bank isnce my boyfriend has been wanting one for a good while, but nnow i can just make it!
tim_n5 years ago
What type of paint did you use?  I remember when I made similar things as a kid the paint doesn't fix perminantly to the bottle unless it's properly sanded - otherwise if you squeeze it the paint cracks and flakes off.

I assume you use a rubberised latex paint or similar?

Or does it flake?
the_sandypants (author)  tim_n5 years ago
Yep sanded .. says so in part 2.  I used Acrylic paint.  Has not yet flaked.
Very cool. Looks quick to make and cute too. I think I'm gonna make one for my girlfriend. Thanks!
Can this really stand a lot of weight? I mean, its standing on four smaller bottles. I'd like to do this for the kids at church but uhhh.. it doesn't look too sturdy. Can someone reassure me?
the_sandypants (author)  BellaStella76 years ago
It will be alright. I've got quite a few coins in mine and it still sits pretty good. No bending in it all.
they'll be fine! you can probably step on it, and all it will do is bend
dobbylvr6 years ago
I love this. I will definently be making this for my little sister's birthday.
FrameR0096 years ago
Awesome! Something for the kids. You got my vote!!
BodyWorker6 years ago
How about a Money Monkey?? That would be so cute! Now .... how to make the parts? hmm...
the_sandypants (author)  BodyWorker6 years ago
Hmm.. that would be interesting. But I have no idea how it would go together. Give it a shot and let me know how that goes. :)
DIYDragon6 years ago
That's painfully adorable. If I find a culligan bottle I'm making some sort of odd dragon bank immediately .. : p cash cow would be funny~! Might have to make that for my friend who loves anything with cows on it. :P
the_sandypants (author)  DIYDragon6 years ago
a dragon would be AWESOME.
Doctor What6 years ago
You know what'd be awesome? A culligan water bottle pig!
the_sandypants (author)  Doctor What6 years ago
That is so funny because i was just discussing that with my friend. We were also discussing other animals that would be interesting.. like a CASH COW. hehe
gili6 years ago
How nice!
ve2vfd6 years ago
Thats too cute! I love it :)
the_sandypants (author)  ve2vfd6 years ago