Step 4: All Your Base are Now Belong to Us

By now you have been working on the top half of the chair long enough to be good and bored so this is an excellent time to refocus your attention span by working on the base. The first step is to cut the bottom out of the barrel. Once again, this is one of those important angle cuts, and for the same reason. We want to keep a portion of the thicker barrel ring intact as we cut away the base, so make a 45 degree angle cut along the inner ring to create a beveled edge. Take the former barrel bottom and set it to the side, we will use it again later.

Turn the base ring up on it's side and make two marks about sixteen inches apart 10" down from what used to be the middle of the barrel and cut along these lines. Set the barrel up, ringside down.

We are now ready to fit the base to the top of the chair. Rather than employing an abacus and arcane mathematical knowledge, the easiest way to achieve this is by sitting the top of the chair on the base and fitting the top of the base into the ring on the underside of the chair top. Once you have a nice fit, drill a couple more 9/64" holes and secure the base's shape with nuts, washers and bolts.

At this point we broke out the torch again and applied heat to the new seam. First, the heat allows the seams to "relax" into a more natural shape, that is visually appealing and appears more "finished". Secondly, we like to play with fire and tools that roar.
<p>I made my seat with the barrel (obviously) and 4 screws and used two tools: a drill and a Craftsman multi-tool </p>
<p>I made this a couple years ago and it now occupies a deer blind in the woods. Holding up to the weather just fine.</p>
Really love the idea, and your story about your company etihcs
to bad I don't have any way of getting 55 gallon barrels where I live, these would be a cool idea. But I do love the inscrutable, it is awesome!
if you are local I will come with a trailer and take these off your hands. :) As many as you want to get rid of.
The third seat of the 4th picture seems really happy!!
Thank you for the instructions. We made our first chair and hope to make several more once we get the design down. It took us a while to figure out the base of the chair but we realized that we needed to include the lid and the locking metal ring. I don't think we are using the same type of barrel as the instructions use. The metal ring keeps the back and base connected but we are having an issue with the seat fitting nicely on the base. Also, we don't see the purpose of the spring under the seat, because once you sit on the chair the seat bottoms out on the base. We might try our next one without the spring loaded base and also keeping the seat attached to the actual bottom of the barrel. Although this means the inverted lid with the bungholes will become the seat, we thought we might get a circular cushion to fit in nicely. Also by leaving the bottom attached, would allow us to have storage underneath the seat for a variety of things including ice cold beverages (tailgating chair?). Thanks again for the design!
Just wanted to share a picture
TY Sir. figures. I'll have to find a source close by here then. :(<br><br>I was soooooooo hoping you would be in my neighborhood. oh well, that's how it goes....first your money then your clothes. LOL
I have a Q. your place of business, would it be anywhere near Baltimore MD??<br><br>you say that you have an over abundance of these barrels, I would love to take a few off your hands. *hint hint*
Sorry, we are in the southeast.
they look awesome!!!! 8=D<br><br>
super duper creation... i loved it...:)
Awesome instructable and very wittingly labelled!!! I'm curious if instead of tossing out whatever left-over pieces of plastic you could use them to reinforce the armrests or to heat them up into plastic ball caps to cover the metal bolts if not too toxic? Btw, would love to see a spray painted version in another color!
Love the idea, as well as the intelligent commentary that went along with it as we were walked through the project. Now I just have to find a source for barrels on the cheap or better yet free. Then I get to listen to the wife on starting another project that she won't see the value in until she sits on the finished project! Thanks.
I'm not sure how to make the angled cut from this step. In the picture, is it from point A to D?
I am not quite understanding the question. If, in your diagram, C is the bottom of the barrel, then the cut is from A to D, but A would need to move down. The idea is to create an inside bevel for the spring loaded seat to match up with in the final product. I hope that helps.
I have been seeing this Instructable for about forever now, so I decided to rate this 5/5 :)
It did help. My chair is completed and it's great. Thanks a lot.
Sorry, I've been having trouble with the image.
Here's the Image.
I think washing out the bottom half of the seat, filling it with ice and beer, would make for a great "Cool Tailgating Chair"!!
&nbsp;sounds like a good idea but would you want to have to get up every 5 minutes to give everyone a beer?
add a hose and a spigot! beer. kssssssssssh. beer. kssssssssssh.
Just the bottom part is open, the part where you sit is closed, so you would have to do a redesign. Nice idea!
Almost looks like a giant adult pottie...lol!!
I was thinking that you could actually use it like that when you are out-of doors but still want a bit of home out there. Just a thought. Hay, Make a bathroom out of nothing but barrels if you have so many! Vanilla-scented too! That would be a great series instructable! O_O :)
This brings to mind a couple of build-it-yourself barrel camp chairs in &quot;The Prairie Traveler&quot; (pub ~1860). One of my favorite books when I was a kid. Now that I think of it, that book was one giant instructible for folks traveling west (Conestoga wagon repairs, types of teams to use, gear to buy, gear to build yourself, route comparisons, etc.)
WOW! Now give us some mods so that we can turn this into a comfortable toilet seat for use in wilderness camping. It should have an option for open pit or disposable bags. No, I'm not kidding. Sitting on a 5 gallon barrel or toilet seat on a rickety steel tube frame is nerve racking at best. Why shouldn't campers have the luxury of a 10 or 15 minute meditation in comfort just like at home.<br /> <br /> <br />
<p><strong>BOAT!&nbsp; BOAT!&nbsp; BOAT!&nbsp; BOAT!<br /> <br /> SOMEONE BUILD THE BOAT!!!!!!!!!</strong></p>
k but im not gonna make an instructable about it nor am i gonna build a boat.
is it me does it look like a&nbsp; toilet?<br />
Is that a new type of saw? It appears to be either be sawing it back together or cutting with the back of the blade? LOL This is a great project. <br />
This is a great idea! Maybe you could post that barrel table idea as well!<br />
If you still have way too many blue barrels piling up, there is always someone on Craigslist looking for them for whatever use... Free section? pay it forward... lol.... great instructable!
I&nbsp;absolutely love them... Such a fabulous recycling idea... would you sell them?&nbsp;&nbsp;Depending on the price... I might be interested! <br />
&nbsp;with a hole cut in the 'seat' - awesome 'dunny' for the bush!
Great Instruction! Thanks for sharing this. We've made 20 of your chairs for the <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-make-an-Instructables-Restaurant/" rel="nofollow">Instructables Restaurant.</a> The visitors loved them! <br />
you cut th' bottom out fer th' seat ? did it not come with a lid ?
We use both ends of the barrel for the seat. The original barrel top forms the base of the seat, then we use the leftover piece from the side to make a spring and cut out the bottom of the barrel to make a nice flush spring supported seat. It makes for a much more comfortable chair.
Where are you located? Will you give away or sell any of the barrels or do you know anyone who will? I found directions for making horse jump standards out of the barrels. My daughter is just getting into jumping so we could use 6 for jumps and/or obstacles. Any info on where I could get some would be very much appreciated. Thanks!
The boat please if possible. Thanks
I just got one of these barrels from a friend this morning, now as soon as i can borrow a heat gun and jugsaw from another friend I'm going to make this! Good Job!!!
hey ive been looking for onw of these on the cheap side for use as a movie prop how much do you want for one?
put a hole in it and use it as a toilet
First thing I thought too, camp toilet.
vanilla extract is flammable ? , ill get the ice cream , you get the lighter. poot , BOOM
Yeah, vanilla extract is just the result of vanilla beans soaked in alcohol.
When you finish it, could you post an 'ible for your boat, that would be AMAZING! Great idea here too, and great instructions. Thanks!

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