Recycled Bobbin Winder

Picture of Recycled Bobbin Winder

My Grandma wanted a dedicated bobbin winder. She liked the way one of her sewing machines wound them so I copied the setup it had. I made it with scraps I had lying around. Works pretty good.

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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
  • little DC motor
  • Dowel that fits the bobbin
  • Wood
  • Epoxy
  • Washers
  • Nuts
  • Bolt
  • Basic tools

Step 2: Find a motor

Picture of Find a motor

I had an old nail sander that I took the motor out of.

I took the switch out as well.

Step 3: Cut Dowel For Bobbin

Picture of Cut Dowel For Bobbin

Cut a short piece of dowel and sand the end round.

Drill a hole in the flat end slightly smaller in diameter as the motor shaft.

Press the dowel on the motor shaft.

Step 4: Make a Thread Tension

Picture of Make a Thread Tension

I found some washer and domed them with a ball peen hammer.

Put the to washers on first domed sides together then the two nuts tightening the two nuts together.

Ended up not using the square one.

Step 5: Layout

Picture of Layout

Layout where about you would like everything placed and mark the locations.

Step 6: Motor Housing and Thread Post

Picture of Motor Housing and Thread Post

Drilled a hole in a piece of wood the size of the motor part way through. Then drilled a smaller hole for the arbor.

Drill a hole in the bottom for the thread post and glue in.

Step 7: Glue Up

Picture of Glue Up

Center the motor in the housing and glue i with epoxy.

Then glue the motor housing to the back board.

I cut a small piece of wood and glued it to the back to bring out the thread tensioner.

Drilled a hole smaller then the threads of the bolt for the tension and screwed it in.

Step 8: Electrical

Picture of Electrical

I took the C battery box off and soldered a AA one I had in the junk drawer.

Screw the switch and battery pack to the back.

Thought AA would be more convenient.

Step 9: Testing

Picture of Testing

Got an empty bobbin and thread turned it on and it works like a charm.

There you have it a Dedicated Recycled Bobbin Winder.

rimar20001 month ago

Good work.

Does not the thread tensioner need a soft spring?

I thought the same.

For a even tension on the bobbin you need a spring, if you look at your sewing machine you will see that the domes are flexible. If the thread got a knot or thickness (especially by low cost thread is this a problem ) then it wil not break.

@LoMac what do you think about a end switch?

LoMac (author)  morthole1 month ago

I was in a bit of a hurry and I was just working from a picture so I didn't notice a spring. I could probably salvage one from a clicky pen.

I thought about putting a switch to stop it wouldn't be hard at all but she said it's fine without it.

Ygreg1 month ago

Very nice ! I was working on a similar project a few weeks ago. Your design is neat and will inspire the mark II of my winder.

This is great, thanks for posting it.




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