On this project I am planing on making a piggybank and a secret safe. Of corse the choice is up to you on what you are planing on using it for. This project does take some time.

First: what you will need is an old Book or to. I got mine at a flee market for cheap. Then you will need some white/wood glue, and water. It also helps with wax paper. The tools I used was a paint brush and racer blades, I also used something to mix in and mix with the glue and water with (plastic cup and str.)

First I will do the Piggybank and Then the steps that are changed on the secret safe.

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Step 1: Glue

Step one: First you should blend the glue in with water. Get the blend thin, about 50/50. Then mark the center of the book and add a pice of wax paper, the wax paper is for letting me have a gap in the end of the build to cut in the paper. I then spread the glue with a cheap paint brush on the sides of the book.

On the secret safe you should place the wax paper in the front of the book instead.

Arduinonator (author) 7 months ago
Oh now I see haha lol thanks;)
gardenpunk8 months ago

where do you get those racer blades? lol

Arduinonator (author)  gardenpunk8 months ago

try a drug stor

You are missing the point. Gardenpunk is trying to call you out for saying racer blade instead of razor blade.

Arduinonator (author)  Arduinonator8 months ago

or a hardwear store

Nice, do you think it would work to use a dremel to cut out the pages?

Yes it would work I used it once, but be careful it is easy to burn.

craftclarity8 months ago

Oh, the great classic of classics... "Your Hidden Stuff" by Hide le Secret...