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I created a flower out of bottle caps and turned it into a decorative garden stake. 

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials

First I collected my materials. I used bottle caps (I used 20 in mine), a tin can lid, a chopstick, and glue (I started with super glue but switched to epoxy b/c some weren't holding).

Step 2: Shape Petals

Picture of Shape Petals
Bottle Cap Flower Step 3.jpg
I started bending my bottle caps into the shape of flower petals. The basic idea was inspired by a previous project where I had created a felt flower . I used my pliers and just started bending until I got the shape I wanted. For me, the easiest way to do it was to grab the rim of the bottle cap and pull it down to flatten it. Then I would bend in the two sides. Finally, I would bend down the top. My first few petals looked like blobs of metal so it takes a little trial-and-error.

Step 3: Glue To Lid

Picture of Glue To Lid
As I went, I laid my petals out on the tin can lid to determine how many I would need. I did two layers of petals, but you can switch it up and do more if you like.  Next I glued on the petals. I did the entire outside row first and then switched to the second layer. Like I mentioned before, I tried using super glue but found that some of my petals weren't holding so I switched to epoxy.

Step 4: Attach Flower Center

Picture of Attach Flower Center

Finally, I added one more bottle cap in the center. Now you have a finished flower!  From there, I attached a chopstick by gluing it onto the can lid in between two of the petals. This allowed me to turn it into a garden stake. But there are lots of other possibilities. You could paint it, add leaves (maybe cut from soda cans?), turn it into a pin, etc.
iceplop made it!1 year ago

This was such a fun able. Thanks for sharing this.

Bottle cap flower.jpg
susanrm4 years ago
OMG, I love this! I have been collecting these forever, and what a great thing to do with them.
This is very well done. Excellent job.
randofo4 years ago
Nice project.

You should post a link to your project at the following website to enter it in the Chopsticks Challenge:

These are very cute. And a nice thing to do with all those beer caps after a party. :D