Picture of Recycled Bottle-Milk Wallet
Well, in the first place, I want to say you I'm really sorry for my English, it's not my mother tongue so I will try to use proper language, but I certainly will do mistake.

So I want to learn you how to make a nice and cheap wallet in five minutes and with absolutly nothing.
Personnaly I like to make it when I hitchhike, or when I travel, it's nice to offer at people you met when you are on the way and who help you for something.

You can also make it with children because its absoloutly not dangerous and pretty easy. So lets go for explaination!

PS : If somebody want to help me for a correction, it's could be great. Thank you!

J'aimerais vous apprendre comment faire a joli porte monnaie en cinq minutes avec absolument rien.
Personellement, j'aime bien en faire quand je fais du stop, ou quand je voyage, c'est bien pour offrir au gens que vous rencontrez quand vous �tes sur la route et qui vous aides.

Vous pouvez aussi le faire avec des enfants, ce n'est absolument pas dangereux, et c'est tres facile.
Alors c'est partit pour les explications!

Step 1: What you need

Picture of What you need
1 recycled tetrapack / milk bottle
Tape or stapler

1 tetrapack / bouteille de lait recyclée
ciseaux / cutter
scotch ou agrafeuse
i couldn't find any bottles so i used a small cereal box and it work fine
: )
Prisma Nova5 years ago
Fast and easy, I will have to try it. Very nice looking finished product, especially with the cord and button.
hore5 years ago
this is what i understand from this picture, you cut half from the bottle, and fold it right. one more thing, this materials is box of milk right.
zoltzerino6 years ago
je'mapelle zoltzerino Je parlez petite francais. bonne effort j'adore VTT!! I hope you are french...
soylents6 years ago
Great project ! Thank you. And your english is good. Your english mistakes are funny not deadly !
loppy966 years ago