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Ever got a stock of useless CDs? Don't throw them away! make a beautiful CDs lamp instead
This brief tutorial will show you how to make a very cheap and sustainable lamp out of your old CDs collection

Tempted about this?

Budget = 10 - 20 EUR
Time = 4 - 8 hrs
Tools = basic toolbox
Difficulty = easy - medium
Size = diameter 40 cm / height 28 cm


* CDs (1000 pcs.)
* MDF wood circle (1 pcs.)
* Electrical connector (12 positions)
* Iron wire (5 mt)
* Lamp holder
* electric wire + switch + plug
* E27 energy saver fluorescent lamp (1 pcs.)
* Silicon sticks (2 pcs.)
* Rubber feet (3 pcs.)


* driller
* claws
* pincers
* screw driver
* glue/silicone gun
* compasses
* pencil
* square ruler
* cutter

Step 1: Getting ready

Picture of getting ready
Before you start making your own lamp, you should collect some parts and check if you have all the required tools.
Don't worry, most likely you have most of the stuff already. If not, they are easy to find at a very affordable price.

How many CDs do I need?
To build a lamp of the suggested size, you need between 900 and 1000 compact discs (around 15Kg).
In case you don't have such amount of old CDs, spread the word around your friends, schoolmates, co-workers: they will be enthusiastic about getting rid of their old crappy CDs (e.g.: old music from the 80s, magazines freebies, burned copies)

The other stuff

Circle of MDF wood
diameter 20cm / height 1.5 cm
easy to find at bricolage stores

Electrical connectors
12 connectors
The size of the connector should be determined by the diameter of the iron wire: the iron wire should fit in the hole of the connector

Iron wire
5 mt of diameter 2mm iron wire should be ok

Lamp holder + electric wire + switch + plug
You can easily find a pre-assembled package or you can build your own. Choose electrical wire size and style according to your preferences. I would recommend at least a 2 mt wire

E27 energy saver fluorescent lamp
Any regular energy saver (e.g.: E27 7-11 Watt) fluorescent lamp would be ok. If you like to install a smaller size lamp, make sure you buy the correct lamp holder accordingly

Silicone sticks
Makes sure you buy transparent silicone, take 2 large size sticks

Rubber feet
3 pcs.
tiny rubber feet should have approximately a 2cm diameter

The toolbox
Most likely you need a small set of common tools:
* driller
* claws
* pincers
* screw driver
* glue/silicon gun
* compasses
* pencil
* square ruler
* cutter
foobear2 years ago
zomgoggle wow! I'll bet it's heavy! But so cool. It would make a cool chandelier but I'll bet it's heavy.
fpau2 years ago
Very Good!!
uncellfish (author) 2 years ago
To: samimy -- the lamp has been on for an entire night, no issues with the cds so far. I initially thought the same but actually energy save lamps are ok
Samimy2 years ago
your idea is cool, but the only problem is that type of UV-Lamp you have used is the
getting hot one.
i mean it gets hot after an hour and may burn the cds.
LEDs were best choice for this project though.
Gusanxi2 years ago
Molenti2 years ago
monty3242 years ago
wow, you built this using only a toolbox haha. no but really this looks very snazzy
This is the best CD lamp I have seen so far. Great Design. Thanks for sharing.
ironsmiter2 years ago
and i thought the stacks of 100, with the ccfl in the middle was a lot of discs to stack.

Nice job on the design.
cbadzioch3 months ago

nice job! One 1., how would you change the lightbulb?

uncellfish (author)  cbadzioch3 months ago
you pray to never do that :-)

besides jokes, it is not too difficult, the cds on the top are not glued, it is relatively easy to unmount and extract the lightbulb
kitzelover2 years ago
I'm never gonna do this myself, but this is the coolest looking lamp and use of recycled CD's I've ever seen! Awesome creativity!
whackpak2 years ago
Very very good and complete instructable! budget etc.. the design is so beautifull it's worht not throwing them away!
devalpha_12 years ago
Awesome! I'm going to give it a try. Great work. Thanks.
scanning2 years ago
This is a good design but I think that is a heavy lamp.
j1vvy2 years ago
Very well done. Thanks for sharing. As a CD lamp maker myself I think you did a wonderful job. I like the design.
I never had issue with heat with my CD lamps either.
uncellfish (author)  j1vvy2 years ago
this one is also great! :D
j1vvy j1vvy2 years ago
Grrr. I only added image once.
Gadisha2 years ago
JayGeeBSE2 years ago
Silicon is a hard shiny element. I think you mean silicone in your parts list.
uncellfish (author)  JayGeeBSE2 years ago
you are right, typo corrected, thanks
JayGeeBSE2 years ago
Basic safety failure. You have mains wire trapped under an accessible piece of unearthed iron wire. If it crushes through the insulation the whole construction becomes live. Either you should have more protection for the mains wire or the iron wire should be earthed. I'm not sure about the aluminium coated discs - they might conduct a shock too.
uncellfish (author)  JayGeeBSE2 years ago
good point, I am going to protect the iron wire, thanks
ccumberland2 years ago
Ok looks good but It must be way heavy with the mdf plus 1000 cds
wagnerduro2 years ago
900 and 1000 compact discs (around 15Kg)????
No, it's madness. low luminous efficiency for too much things...
Blackice5042 years ago
cool i now have something to do with the 1000's of CD / DVD that are stuffed or scratched, i might try some L.E.D's.
uncellfish (author) 2 years ago
That's right, indeed I recommend to avoid silicon for fixing the last layers on the top
Xieda2 years ago
I take it, from what I could see of the design, that changing the lightbulb is not possible without deconstructing the majority of the lamp, yes?
gattosardo2 years ago
pitticca la cd lamp..eiaaa
Absolutely brilliant, quirky and stylish design.
Well done!
This is just awesome! the only hard part is getting that many cd's. well, not taht hard, but still..

awesome! thanks for sharing!
doctorkred2 years ago