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I really like butterflies, like, I adore them. I also adore candy. Specifically Starbursts. The only problem is eating Starburst tends to create a lot of trash from the wrappers. If you can unwrap the Starbursts carefully enough, you can actually make an origami butterfly! They're super cute and fairly easy to make, not to mention a fun and relaxing way to dispose of your trash! This actually works for a lot of different types of candy wrappers, so use whatever you like, as long as its papery and a rough rectangle.

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Take your Starburst wrapper and make a valley fold in the middle (a hamburger fold) Make it's so that the colored side is on the inside.
katvanlew2 years ago
I love origami and this is adorable!
Smalfrii (author) 2 years ago
Thanks Penelope!
That's a fun idea! Love the colors of the wrappers :)