Picture of Recycled Capri-Sun Coin Purse
I decided to recycle a used Capri-Sun Juice drink pouch and convert it to a simple coin purse.
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Step 1: Materials Needed

Picture of Materials Needed
We used an empty CapriSun pouch and some velcro tabs found in the craft section of wal-mart.

Step 2: Respecting the pouch

Picture of Respecting the pouch
Start by folding the pouch in half and creasing it.

Cut off the top sealed edge of the pouch. (just above the straw insertion point)

Respect the pouch! Clean it out. ( We found out the hard way that saving pouches can get stinky!)

Step 3: Pouch Surgery

Picture of Pouch Surgery
Using the crease in the pouch from the earlier step, cut out the back section of the pouch half way down.

Step 4: Lets Stick Together

Picture of Lets Stick Together
Using the velcro, stick one type of fastener to the single layer flap right below the straw hole.

The matching velcro piece is easiest to apply by fastening the velcro pieces to each other and then folding down the flap to apply the sticky side.

Step 5: Bring on the Money

Picture of Bring on the Money
Fill the pouch with change and close.

Shata1 year ago

really cool thanks :)

selena15 years ago
What an awesome craft. I will be doing this today.
Meaduff6 years ago
I love how you used your imaginations!! God Luck with the contest!
canida6 years ago
Aha, part 2 of the full Capri Sun money kit. You should check out scoochmaroo's no sew purse to put them in, and substitute Capri Sun pouches for the fabric.
Sissyfish1234 (author)  canida6 years ago
Thats a great idea...... Thank you so much!!!!!
Great Job Girls!!!!!!! I am very Proud of you......... Good Luck with the Contest!!!!!!!!!!!
candyfish46 years ago
Awesome instructable girls. Good luck with the contest!!!!