Picture of Recycled CapriSun Wallet
We used a couple of empty CapriSun pouches and some duct tape to create the CapriSun Wallet!!

Step 1: Materials Needed......

Picture of Materials Needed......
Two empty CapriSun Pouches
Duct Tape
arimay144 years ago
I love this idea but i dont quite understand how to cut up the pouch?
Looks great! 5 stars!
Meaduff6 years ago
Awesome! Good luck with the contest!
canida6 years ago
Nice job! A great looking wallet.
Sissyfish1234 (author)  canida6 years ago
Thanks canida!!!!!!!!
Great Job Girls!!!! I am very Proud of You!!!!!!!!
candyfish46 years ago
Awesome Instructable Sissyfish. Good Luck with the contest girls!!!!!!