Recycled CapriSun Wallet





Introduction: Recycled CapriSun Wallet

We used a couple of empty CapriSun pouches and some duct tape to create the CapriSun Wallet!!

Step 1: Materials Needed......

Two empty CapriSun Pouches
Duct Tape

Step 2: Cut and Clean

Cut the top off of both pouches and clean them with soap and water.

Step 3: Pouch Surgery

We will be cutting half of both of the pouches open.
Lay them face down with the open tops facing each other.
Starting at the cut top edge, cut down the sides so that the pouch on the left will be able to slide inside of the pouch on the right.
The pouch on the right can be modified so that a credit card can be slid into it also. (just cut a half inch section out of the flap that overlaps the left pouch.)

Step 4: Joining the Pouches

Test fit the pouches together. Now would be a good time to size the slot with a dollar bill.

Bring on the duct tape.......

Go sparingly (I try to use as little as possible to not cover the design on the pouch)

Don't forget to apply some tape to the inside of the wallet money slot.

Step 5: That's All

Fill your new wallet with some cash and a credit card , and your good to go!!!!!!!!!!!!



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I love this idea but i dont quite understand how to cut up the pouch?

Awesome! Good luck with the contest!

Nice job! A great looking wallet.

Great Job Girls!!!! I am very Proud of You!!!!!!!!

Awesome Instructable Sissyfish. Good Luck with the contest girls!!!!!!