Picture of Recycled Cardboard - Doll Sofa
This is a great idea to use old cardboard box !
First, the wood to make paper is planted for , nobody is destroying the forest to make paper.
When you use wood, a tree die. Many times, you have a wood piece that was knock down illegally...
Paper materials can be recycle!
My kids played in cardboards doll houses, I make a ballet scenery with cardboard (it is more light). It is easy to cut. I love cardboard material!

You can make this in others sizes, even a normal scale (use united cardboards with a thickness about 2 cm -1 inch)
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Step 1: What you need:

Picture of What you need:
Old cardboard box
A hand saw
Hot glue or PVA glue (spend more time)
A pen
A ruler
Clips that you use to dry clothes (sorry, I don't know the name in English)

Fabric enough to cover 3 pieces (a strip of 30 cm)
Plastic sponge or cotton wool

Step 2: Cut the pieces

Picture of Cut the pieces
Open the box and cut 3 pieces

Cut 1 piece : 32 cm X 20 cm
Cut 2 pieces : 9,5 cm X 20 cm
(the bigger measures in the "vein" direction)
With a pen and the ruler:
Piece 1: Make lines with pen in the bigger side: 5 cm + 8 cm + 7 cm + 12 cm.
Piece 2: Make a line in the middle of the bigger side (10 cm + 10 cm)
Force the pen in the lines to easy to fold.

Step 3: Fold

Picture of Fold
Fold the piece 1 as following:

The line central in a opposite manner to parallels lines .

The central line form the back of seat. The part that measure 5 cm is a front base and, the 7 cm and the 12 cm together form the back part of the sofa.

Fold the piece 2 (2 pieces) in the middle
try it, free shipping and price cheap, i think you can choose your favorites.

foobear4 years ago
excelente! fantástico
AnneNopper (author)  foobear4 years ago
Muito obrigada pelos comprimentos.
kesha814 years ago
I was looking high and low for a design that didn't look cheesy and I must say that I love your sofa. It look pretty simple so I can try and I am going out to my local craft store ASAP to by the materials! Thanks a bunch!
AnneNopper (author)  kesha814 years ago
I am very happy to know that I have made an helpfull tutorial.
Once I have free time, I intend to make more.
Could you send me a photo of the sofa you'll make?
Thanks a lot!
paulacelaya4 years ago
this tutorial is great! your english too! i live in argentina and i have two little girls, i will make this! the little brooch for the clothe is: clothespin. thank you!!
Denger5 years ago
Prático e barato. Eu penso que muita mobília de IKEA está feita desta maneira. Instructable é bem escrito!
clybe5 years ago
hi!! thanks for posting this masterpiece!! i design barbie clothes... and i need to setup their backgrounds there is something i would like to suggest why dont you try to put some brad so it will have a fluffy effect like this i havent posted my works yet so thank you again!!!
Scriptone5 years ago
Thanks for sharing this I'm just starting to make minature couches now.. this is a perfect shortcut, plus looks great.
Sebastyne6 years ago
Your English is fine, and if someone doesn't understand your instructions, she's not very bright! ;) Thanks for this, I'm going to try this one some day soon - I collect Barbies and I have a lot of girls with no seat at all! (It makes a great gift for fellow collectors, too..!)
I tried it today, and made two lovely sofas. So cool!
AnneNopper (author)  Sebastyne5 years ago
It's make me happy! Please, send photos and I add here, OK Thanks Anne
Here. :) and here:

I made them narrower than your instructions, as they need to fit into a certain space. I also covered the bottom with fabric, and as you can see, I did it differently on the other... I had a longer strip of fabric, and when the sofa was finished I slid a piece of cardboard between the folds and glued that on the bottom. However I should have left the extra fabric in the front of the sofa, because folded from back to front it looks untidy. Oh well, I'll make more!

All and all, I like them a lot more than real Barbie sofas, that are plastic and way too small for the dolls!