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Sometimes you're stuck in the middle of the deep forest during your camping, with some unpopped corn kernels, and nothing to pop them with. Luckily, with a coke can and a multi functional Army knife, you can be on your way to Popcorn Town.Popcorn is a favourite snack food for all during the camping.

In this Instructable, I will shows how you can turn a coke can into a popcorn maker.I am trying to make the Popcorn maker by using only a multi functional Army knife.Because in most of the camping you may not find any other tools on your hand. I am using a Leatherman that I was won in an earlier Instructables Contest.

Enjoy the Coke, Recycle the Cans. Go Green and save the Planet.

Step 1: Things You Need

Picture of Things You Need

1. Coke/Soda/Beer Can

2. Tealight Candle ( Amazon )

3. ACT - II Corn ( Amazon )

4. Leatherman Tool or Knife ( Amazon )

5. Match stick or Lighter ( Amazon )

6. Bowl ( Amazon )

Step 2: Clean the Can

Picture of Clean the Can

For this project you need two coke cans.

After drinking the coke, empty it entirely.

Then rinsed it out thoroughly by using water.

Step 3: Cut the First Can

Picture of Cut the First Can

Mark a rectangular shape to mimic as shown in the above picture.

Cut out along the marked line.

Then pull out the tab.It will create an opening for the popcorn.

Warning : Cut the can carefully,the sharp edges may cut your skin.

Step 4: Cut the Second Can

Picture of Cut the Second Can

First mark a circle along the periphery as shown in the picture.

Cut along the line by using the Army knife.

Smooth out the edges by using the scissors.

Step 5: Make the Burner

Picture of Make the Burner

Symmetrically, mark 4 points on the bottom of the can.

Then draw straight lines taking reference to the marked points.Join the two lines to make a " U " shape.

Cut along the marked lines.

After cutting the final result should be look like the last picture.

Step 6: Fold the Upper Portion

Picture of Fold the Upper Portion

Mark a line on each limbs.The width is 1cm approximately.

Cut 4 small strips and the fold it as shown in the above image.

Step 7: Flatten the Bottom

Picture of Flatten the Bottom

The bottom part is slightly bulge outward ,so the candle can't sit firmly.

Use a hammer to flatten the surface.If you don't have hummer use stones to do it.

The burner is ready now.

Step 8: Lit Up the Burner

Picture of Lit Up the Burner

Now take a tealight candle.

Lit it by a match stick or a lighter.

Place it inside the burner.

Warning : Handle the fire carefully.

Step 9: Enjoy the Popcorn

Picture of Enjoy the Popcorn

Place the upper can just above the burner.

Keep a bowl just side to the opening part.

Pour popping corn kernels into the can.I used ready to use ACT-II classic salted corns.

Wait for few minutes.Suddenly, the popcorn will begin to pop and will escape the inside of the can through the opening you’ve created.

Note :The single tealight candle take lot of time to make the popcorn.To make faster, you should insert some more wicks in to the candle.

Enjoy the wilderness while having your favourite salty popcorn on your hand. Happy Camping !!!


tiabloisy (author)2017-11-28

Its an awesome Idea

JamaicaA (author)2017-11-21

Do i need the same popcorn that u use?

MagnusF11 (author)2017-03-14

do you need that excact type of popcorn?

Captain MacTavish (author)2016-08-01

cool project! Ill be making this then post some pictures for you as soon as I get a couple cans, thanks!

Glad you like it.

I am waiting for it :)

Mystery Girl made it! (author)deba1682017-02-17

Can anyone help me? And plus you nasty. Last person.

What was your comment?

MiltReynolds (author)2016-11-26

Nicely done! I appreciate the simplicity and the utility. Video is excellent!

ASCAS (author)2016-08-30

Love This!

deba168 (author)ASCAS2016-09-02

Thanks friend :)

pellepeloton (author)2016-08-16

It works but you get aluminium infused popcorn. A recipe for Alzheimers disease.

miked2001 (author)pellepeloton2016-08-17

You get more aluminum by drinking the soda :)
You get more aluminum from taking antacids than popping corn in a can.

9w2xyz (author)miked20012016-08-31

was thinking the exact same thing, except the inside f the can is coated. No issue.

pellepeloton (author)9w2xyz2016-09-01

Coated with plastic which melts?

pellepeloton (author)miked20012016-09-01

I don't drink any soda and maybe that is the reason I do not need antacids?

YourMagesty (author)2016-08-17

Deba's English is AMAZING...far better than the majority of us could speak his native tongue. The popper is very creative and a useful hack to know! Thank you, Deba!

miked2001 (author)2016-08-17

I love the idea. I just would love to see better knife handling. Your methods scare me for young'uns that would try this project.

Keep the ideas coming.

RD19 (author)2016-08-13

Looks like fun, I am going to try it. Something to do on the patio at night. Thanks for sharing.

Solarpoweredaudio (author)2016-08-13

Combine this with the alcohol stove for a big boost.

BenTauer (author)2016-08-11

Love it

JefferyB10 (author)2016-08-11

This is a great idea, but if I were in camp, I'd just drink the coke, empty the popcorn into the empty can, and stick it over the fire until the can was full of popcorn and then I'd cut the top of the can off the get my meal.

deba168 (author)JefferyB102016-08-11

Its another super fast way to make it.

Enjoy !

JefferyB10 (author)deba1682016-08-11

It's a great idea and I love it! Thanks so much for showing us!!

kamelsr (author)2016-08-11

I must give you props for a great design. I'm wondering how a piece of burning charcoal would work. I thing it is worth giving it a shot.

deba168 (author)kamelsr2016-08-11

Thank you.

ViolaUkeSuperDude (author)2016-08-11

This is AWESOME! I think I might give it a vote. Thanks for sharing!

Glad you like it.Thanks for your valuable words.

HappyToBeAlive (author)2016-08-11

Cool voted

deba168 (author)HappyToBeAlive2016-08-11

Thanks !

Cheers :)

pinheadBE (author)2016-08-11

Aka "The survivalist way to essential popcorn" ! ;-)

I like that ! Very clever. I wonder if another type of (small) candle, with a thicker wick, would do better in terms of time-to-pop

deba168 (author)pinheadBE2016-08-11

Thanks !

Yeah you are right, a thicker wick will pop up the corn faster.

Hari_sd294 (author)2016-08-08

Wow. This really helps in hard times or camping but its good enough to try. Thanks for the Instructable friend.

deba168 (author)Hari_sd2942016-08-08

My pleasure !

Have try and enjoy :)

Dutch65 (author)2016-08-07

This is something I can have my kids do while under adult supervision. You got my votes, keep it up.

deba168 (author)Dutch652016-08-07

Thanks !

I hope your kid will love it.

MarwanJ1 (author)2016-08-07

Really cool

deba168 (author)MarwanJ12016-08-07


Simran Sharma (author)2016-08-06


deba168 (author)Simran Sharma2016-08-07

Glad you liked it

Tanmay Deuskar (author)2016-08-05

Really cool project.

deba168 (author)Tanmay Deuskar2016-08-05

Thank You.

utatuka (author)2016-08-04

Very funny project.

This is very very usefull for a camp.

I am hungry... And I have also a pot in the kitchen.

I will cook some and eat now.

deba168 (author)utatuka2016-08-05

Have a fun :)

Don't forget to share the pics .

Yonatan24 (author)2016-08-03

Cool! Or not... ;)

I would cut the can in half, and use one half to make a stand for the other half. Then I would put the candles underneath.

deba168 (author)Yonatan242016-08-03

Cool :)

Have a try..

ThomasK19 (author)2016-08-02

I recommend not to try that. Any can has a plastic coating inside and it will be all but healthy to bake anything inside that you'll eat afterwards.

deba168 (author)ThomasK192016-08-02

You are right some cans have plastic liner inside.

But as per my knowledge, aluminum cans have such coating to prevent reaction with acidic soft drinks ( carbonic acid ) .In my case I think it's a tin can which is not at all harmful.

Yonatan24 (author)deba1682016-08-03

I'm pretty sure Coca-Cola cans are made only of aluminum (There are people that melt them in forges), but some are made from tin-plated steel:

deba168 (author)Yonatan242016-08-03

Thanks for the valuable information.

SUSFU (author)deba1682016-08-03

Coke's website states that their cans are lined with BPA based material. I did not find any information as to the byproducts produced by heating BPA but caution might be in order.

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