Plywood Barstool





Introduction: Plywood Barstool

For this instructable you need an cnc router. Not everyone has access to a CNC machine, but if you look around you normally can find a shop not too far away. You can also visit a fablab with a CNC machine near you.

Step 1: Collect Your Piece of Plywood or Concreteplex.

The concrete plex in the picture is collected from the bins on a buildingspot nearby. And it's a good idea to ask the supervisor for permission, in my case they were extremely helpfull and even saved some for me.

The bigger the piece the larger you can make your barstool, thickness is not really of importance as you will see in the next step.

Step 2: Prepare Your Drawing File.

in you can modify and customize the barstool to your liking or to make it fit the sheet of plywood you collected in the previous step, just use the sliders on the left hand panel. Don't forget to modify the sheet thickness and the milling-bit radius, as this will save you lots of time when preparing the file in your CNC-Router application (like V-Carve Pro).

Press Download.. and proceed to your cnc shop..

Step 3: Mill and Kick.

Prepare and start the CNC router, and wait..

Take out the pieces and press-fitt/kick them unto the stool.



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    Hahaha, concreteplex :-) I know what you mean, but I believe it's called phenolic plywood in English. Nevertheless, good job!

    Damn translation engines.. thanks for the info. Not sure I should update my instructable title...?

    I would change it to "plywood barstool". Whether it has a phenol coating or not is irrelevant. And I think it might be hard to find outside of Europe, because you don't really see it being used much in homemade stuff.

    Neat looking stool! I like the simple design and construction.

    Thank you! and still I put all my effort into the customization part.