Step 3: Chop the Crayons Into Smaller Pieces

The smaller pieces allows for more mixing of the new crayons you are creating. You could break the crayons, but since we were working with quite a few crayons, I opted for having my little one watch while I did some chopping.
<p>These turned out so cute, and simple enough for the kids to do! They loved creating each individual design, for each kid in their class ( and a few for home too). Now, we want/need more used crayons...took five years of saving old crayons :( We want to do it again!!</p>
<p>Great idea!!!!</p>
This is brilliant! Thank you!
That is an awesome idea I'll try it this year
Thanks for the tips - I will definitely have to try them out next time!
I think this is a wonderful idea.. I've never thought that crayons can be re-made like soaps and candles.. <br>This weekend, I'll let my kids make their own new crayons !
Hello Bouncey, <br> Our family loves to make these crayons. We have found that soaking the crayons in cool water will help get all of the paper off. Some Crayons have paper that gets really stuck on. We have also used glitter. The super fine works well but the bigger stuff not so much. You also have to kind of coat the crayons otherwise the glitter ends up in one spot. I dip the crayon in warm water for just a few seconds then roll in glitter. Good luck and Great instructable.

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