Step 8: Create Your Valentine!

Picture of Create Your Valentine!
8a Valentine's Cards and Crayons.JPG
We really couldn’t believe how wonderful the crayons turned out. My daughter was very skeptical the first time we tried this DIY project, but she loved the results so much, we tried another batch happily. We even had to keep a few, because she didn’t want to give them all away. She, unlike me, is great at crafts, so she’s now busy at work making handmade Valentine’s Day cards for her classmates. Once she’s all done, we’ll use some double-sided tape to attach a crayon or two to the outside of the envelopes so that everyone in her class can enjoy a great Valentine’s Day.

Maybe next time we do this I might add some really fine glitter - has anyone had success with that?

If you like this idea for recycled crafts you can check out our blog Project: Greenify (a sister site of Bounce Energy) for more great crafty ideas.
iag12 years ago
I think this is a wonderful idea.. I've never thought that crayons can be re-made like soaps and candles..
This weekend, I'll let my kids make their own new crayons !