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Since I have so many used crayons in my house from my sister and I growing up over the years, I felt that their should be a use for old crayons. Continuously being bought around school time sales, I was clueless of what I would do with the older crayons that are now broken and worn. I decided on donating the finished crayon molds to a Hospital for children so they have a fun activity to do while being treated in the hospital. It is a very fun craft to make but at the same time it makes it even better knowing you are making another child happy.
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Step 1:

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Gather all your supply's. Most familys especially with children have buckets and buckets of broken old crayons. Turn them into something colorful and alter its shape. Not only will you be getting rid of your old dull crayons but you will be able to use them to create new crayons!  You will need:

-Several broken, used crayons

-Heat source

-Candy molds (small- medium sized) (Get fancy and use different shapes. example: hearts, circles, squares, )

-Adult to help  to supervise 

Step 2:

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Next, peel each individual crayon. This part leaves it up to the maker to combine different colors. It is helpful to break the crayons up into small pieces as shown below to help the wax melt when ready to melt. As you are filling up the candy molds remember that you can use more than one color crayon in the mold to create a swirly colorful effect when popped out. See below for example.  

*Notice the crayons are not too big or too small.*

Gobie4 months ago

I like that you can use any mold

Babyshoes2 years ago
Looks like a fun kid project, nicely documented. Perhaps standing your moulds on a large baking tray would reduce the chances of spilled wax causing a fire!

Also, though it may be common sense and is clear from the photos, you may want to emphasise that the moulds need to be metal or oven safe silicone - many candy moulds are plastic which would melt.