Recycled Drawer




Introduction: Recycled Drawer

In this tutorial i am going to show how to make a drawer out of old Cardboard box.

it is quite easy and cheap to make .Cardboard box can be that of appliances packages etc. for this you will be needing a medium sizes paper carton.

Step 1: Gathering the Required Stuff

  • Cardboard box medium size.
  • pencil
  • steel ruler
  • tapes
  • scissors
  • stapler
  • paper for sketching figures

Step 2: Making of the Outer Box

  • cut out the box pieces as per the dimensions.
  • tips to cut longitude holes in cardboard box.
    • mark it with pencil as shown in figure
    • use the stainless steel ruler to draw over it several times .
    • till it creates a hole.
    • then rotate the ruler little left and right till it is big

Step 3: Assembling the Larger Outer Box

  • the large outer box is assembled as shown in figure
  • they are connected and outer flaps are bend to make space for stapling

Step 4: Making the Inner Box

the inner box is made as per the diagram

the cut outs are carefully taken and assembled as shown in the figure

Step 5: Making the Handle and Stopper

  • a handle is made and inserted to front end of the drawer
  • the stopper is made at the both inner and outer box sliding section so as to prevent the drawer from coming out

Step 6: Making the Ceiling

the ceiling is made to cover the drawer

it is made as per in the diagram

Step 7: Assemble and Make It Ready

the all three outer,inner,top cover are assembled and drawer is made..



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That's a good way to reuse materials :)

can you tell me how can one make groups among members they know?

there is no detail about it in the site, visible?

Thank you :) Do you mean like in the Makerspace Contest when users form teams? Or just as a social networking aspect?

social networking concept where collage mates can form groups and instructables to it

There's not a specified feature only for that, but many members interact in the Forums and Questions sections to talk about projects and get help with things they are making. :)

If you have questions or things to discuss then you can use those features listed above. You can also comment on other users Instructables or send them private messages through their user page. If there's a user that you like a lot of their projects you can follow them on their user page. :)

you community managers do a great deal in supporting beginers.